Coach Hamptons Leather Signature Mini Wallet

  1. Does anyone have this wallet, do you like it? I don't want a wallet that is too big or too small... this is maybe a good compromise?

    Also has anyone seen this colour, Bordeaux? It looks gorgeous on the website, but what is it like IRL?
  2. I dont have it, but it's GORGEOUS!
  3. Sorry, I dont have it either but it is gorgeous!
  4. Has anyone seen the color IRL?
  5. i have it in mohagony and i bought it along with its matching hamptons medium carryall.i think it is a perfect size since it has the credit card slots as well as other compartments to carry everything .
  6. I have it in black and I really like it a lot. Mine is from last year but it looks identical to the ones that just came out. It holds quite a bit yet it's very compact. I normally use a Legacy Framed French Purse and even though that wallet appears to be quite a bit bigger than this wallet, they hold the same amount of stuff. It is the only wallet I have that fits in my Carly Demi bag! I definitely recommend it.
  7. I have this wallet in khaki signature w/ camel and saddle trim. I LOVE this wallet! It's the PERFECT size b/c it will fit in ANY bag you own! PLUS it holds ALOT of credit cards, which ALWAYS seem to come in handy!!!! :graucho:
  8. I have this wallet in black. I love it. It holds everything I need and it is a great size.
  9. ^^^ Thanks ladies :smile:
  10. I have two of these wallets and agree the size is perfect if you don't want to carry around alot of stuff. And the bordeaux is as beautiful in person as it is on the website. I have the wristlet from last year.