Coach Hamptons Leather Signature Line

  1. Hi. What do you all think of the new leather Hamptons signature line? I know it looks a lot like the Gucci line. I like the Hobo, but in person, it was a bit thin. Do you know if this is going to come in any other styles other than the hobo and the book tote? Do you like this line period?
  2. I think they're pretty nice. They have a casual, vintagey feel to them. A friend of mine got the brown book tote, I'm excited to see it when I see her this Thursday. I like the pouch, myself, and the hobos.
  3. Yes, I think I do like the Hamptons sig. line. They're cute, but I think I would have to see them in person to see if I fall in love with the line.
  4. My mom and I love them, they're gorgeous!!
  5. i went to see them today and they look great!
  6. they are ok, i am not in love with or anything. it does look similar to Gucci though!
  7. I can't wait to see them in person..From what I see on the website I like them ... I think the colors are different (finally)....