Coach Hamptons Carryall

  1. So I jumped in a purchased a Black Hamptons Carryall. The problem is I simply dont like it. It is way to big and not as versatile as I would like. I was considering the Carly, Legacy Shoulder or one of the new Satchels. This is my first Coach purchase and first official foray into the Purse world (I am a shoe addict at heart). Any thoughts? Does anyone own any of these bags?
  2. i have the medium carryall and it's my favorite bag...hmm.

    guess that's why they make so many bags!!!

    however, i also own the legacy shoulder and love it, too. quite a few of us have it and i have yet to hear of any complaints.
  3. I love the Carly ( I am picking one up tomorrow, the large black leather!!!), anyhow I think the Legacy line is fantastic, too. I am sure you will find something that you will love!

    And welcome to the purse world!!!!!!
  4. My Hamptons Carryall is my favorite too. :lol:

    If you want a smaller one, I'd go for the Legacy shoulder, too.
  5. I adore the legacy shoulder bag and the Carly. Between the two, I would say the shoulder bag is my no. 1 pick.

    But welcome!
  6. Another Legacy vote....