Coach Hampton Scribble

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  1. Who likes this purse??:tdown:or:tup:[​IMG]
  2. Have it !!! Havent used it yet waiting for the summer :biggrin:

  3. yeah i really liked it too :smile::upsidedown::tup::yes:;):woohoo:
  4. I am sorry I do like some of the Coach designs for spring. This one has too much going on for me.:tdown:
  5. I had the one a few years had blue handles - I LOVED it then... haven't used it since.... :shame:
  6. Sorry but I am not a fan of this bag. Too much color and you could only wear it with solid color or plain tops.
  7. shouldnt this be in the coach forum ?
  8. I have this bag and I use it for school. Its great.

    I thought it was too much for me too.. but the more I use it the more I love it. It holds anything and everything I need for the day.
  9. I like the pink colored handles, but the bag is a bit too busy for my taste.
  10. I'm sorry...I don't like it. Looks a little childish. Reminds me of a diaper bag. JMO!
  11. I love Coach, but I'm not a fan of the scribble print.
  12. Me too, in fact with Coach I prefer their leather. This to me looks little girlish.

  13. This is seasonal colour, difficult to mix and match
  14. I love it! I just bought one!
  15. Sorry! I like Coach but not this one!