COACH Hall of Shame - Post Coach fakes here!

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  1. a bid on this Coach "warehouse deal"

    the infamous faked style # 1417 "Coach Canvas Leather Trim & Suede 1417"

    fake Sabrina thing

    seller princess_kate_019 listed this fake Sabrina thing and a Carly style "Chanel"

    relisted fake

    Carly style "Large Coach Optic Logo Purse"-- seller pattiw505 listing states "bag that I purchased at a purse party, I don't think it's the real deal, but as "foaches" are concerned, this is a pretty great one." pathetic!

    fake khaki apricot / orange Carly style # 10796 - the care card is too funny "sueded leather"

    "I am not sure the bag is authentic. I received it as a gift"

    fake Madison Boxed Op Art hippie

    fake Coach with butterflies

    seller goreylj has fakes purchased at "an estate sale of an old woman"
    fake L0868-14578
    " I cannot guarantee their authenticity... purchase this Coach purse at your own risk"

    fake A2J-12043

    fake Coach crossbody swingpack 10543 - "was a gift to my daughters friend"

    fake Carly

    fake Coach draw string dust bag

    seller tysmommy70502 has several Coach fakes - with bids - ending tomorrow

    fake patchwork Zoe # AO5U-8087

    seller bstep8blake10 has 2 fake Coach

    fake backpack A2J-6094

    fake backpack serial # 2932

    fake D2J-729

    seller pinkbutterfly310 has a fake wallet & bag

    hannahluvsbags relisted fake
  3. eBay seller jrl72buickgs is selling fake keychains / purse charms -- have bids - please report

    250687896749, 250687897373, 250687897900, 250687898373, 250688364748, 250688365574, 250688365574, 250689160839, 250689161207, 250689161398, 250689161656

    fake signature stripe tote

    fake Carly serial # A2J - 10619 A2J-10619

    another fake boxed op art


    "inspired" but bears Coach trademarks = fake



    "Not sure if it's a "knock-off"....received it as a gift."

    eBay seller eddscapestore2010 has several fake Coach wallets listed
    here's the item numbers 110579887913, 110579884669, 110579883714

    eBay seller crad1970 has 2 sets of fake Bleecker flap looking bags & wallets
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  5. TRS ebay seller inkywire52 has 5 fake Coach w/ bids on some (and at least 1 of the Dooney's is fake)

    250690228767, 250690232623, 250690229848, 250690227805, 280555074650

    includes fake FO4U-1857, U0K-6063, D2J-33305, A2J-10619

    " Not sure if it's a "knock-off"....received it as a gift."

    bstep8blake10 still trying to sell fake backpack aka "over the shoulder" bag after previous 2 listings pulled by ebay

    "famous" and fake


    "COACH PURSE (look a like)"

    fake op art Carly

    another fake duffle bag
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  7. coachji.jpg coach4.jpg coach9.jpg
  8. ebay seller 1pink*1blue has 10 fake Coach keychains (confirmed by BeenBurned in ATC thread)*1blue&_trksid=p3911.c0.m282

    140446858258, 140446857894, 140446857105, 140446856811, 140446856570, 140446108268, 140446107119, 140446106246, 140446105695, 140446104931

    ebay seller autopalace954 is selling fake Coach keychains (Hyacinth confirmed in ATC thread)

    290470245971, 290469919308, 290469857809, 290469178225, 290469177364, 290469176443, 290469174732, 290469174077, 290469172456, 290469170111, 290470270852

    fake D2J-10620

    fake A05U-1482

    fake Sabrina looking thing

    fake Sabrina looking thing

    fake wallet

    fake Poppy


    seller suziecue has several fake wallets
    item numbers 320583933636, 320583933525, 320583933399

    ebay seller glorygirl_21pfy has 2 fake Coach listed ATM
  9. another ringworm fake LOL or ewwww - not sure which it is!! :smile:

    "Q: Hi! Is this handbag fake or authentic?
    A: it's a Copy,better than replica."

    fake tattersall Sabrina has a bid now!

    seller twinz3181 has listed more fakes -they are all "gifts" that sold for "more than $600"

    seller ibagexpy has listed another fake - the previous fake sold for $66

    seller bigdan2008 relisted his fake

    sooooo not a "Carly signature" # L0868-3023

    ebay seller amimiza_1979 has fake wallets

    260658687752, 260658687489, 260658686772, 260658685936

    fake messenger bag (" No-10754 " per ASQ)

    ebay seller leelyn99 has 2 fake Coach listed ATM

    "Although this bag looks like the real thing I do belive this to be a knock off." - and it is

    "I can not guarentee its authentic as it was a gift"

    "I bought this purse at a purse party and this is why I believe it is not real"

    seller battles77 has 2 fakes listed ATM

    seller g8tr4ever has 2 fakes listed ATM

    seller johnbigpole658 still listing fakes - his FB is 50%!

    here's a previous listing that he got neg'd over

    relisted it & another fake bag

    seller ebonywax is listing fake Coach (FB shows she's sold fake Prada too)

    seller eddydebbie has gone from fake Coach jewelry to fake purses

    seller jesssicajones1984 got neg'd for selling fake Coach - now she's selling another fake!

    seller tchamness2424 has 2 not-so-"trendy" fakes ATM

    emr21075 -- another 0 FB seller starting an ebay career selling fake Coach
  10. fake Sabrina thingy - serial number 004U-1202 -- please report it has bids!

    fake A2J-11083 with bids -- please report!

    "New Coach "look-a-like" Bag...Virtually unable to tell it's not authentic Coach."

    "Replica Coach Purse. Again Replica!!!"

    ebay seller ecaeman is still listing fakes!

    320584662459, 320584662476, 320583772092

    "As this was a gift, I can not guarantee the authenticity of this backpack."

    fake tattersall Sabrina thingy - was a gift from cheating loser ex-spouse
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