Coach gym bag?

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  1. I was thinking that I'd like to get a nice gym bag; the one I use is pretty old. It's a canvas bag that I got as a free give-away several years ago. I was wondering about getting a coach bag for the gym, but I don't know if that's a good idea. Gym bags can get beat-up pretty fast and they are used to hold smelly shoes and sweaty work-out clothes! Do any of you use a coach bag for the gym? If so, which bag do you recommend? TIA!
  2. I don't/wouldn't use a Coach bag. But that's just me and I carry way too much to fit in one lol
  3. Thanks, you're probably right, I just like finding excuses to buy a new bag!
  4. If you can find enough to justify trashing it...a baby bag is the perfect "tote" for things like the gym or even travel.

    They are tough, with about a million pockets. I've had mine--which is used for travel--for going on 5 years and no joke, it's still next to brand new. I keep water bottles in the the baby bottle area, which would be handy for the gym...and the open space in the center is perfect for multi use.
  5. I use a Coach swingpack as my gym bag. Just to fit in my membership card, my sony mp3 and a workout small towel.
  6. Thanks, but I usually have to change clothes and shoes because I go straight to the gym from work so I need something bigger!
  7. Thanks for all the suggestions, I am going to keep my eyes open for a good gym bag option!
  8. I do not use my Coach for he gym but if I would.. I would go for an Older model Hampton Tote...
  9. I would be worried about my sweaty clothes stinking it up!
  10. I wouldn't use a Coach bag as a gym bag... I sweat a ton and plus I carry way too much crap in my bag that most of my stuff probably wouldn't fit...
  11. What about the Alex quilted travel roll? It is nice sized and meant to carry clothes and stuff.
  12. I think the baby bags are a great idea. I don't use Coach bags for the gym, do you have a lululemon in your area? they're an athletic company and they sell gym bags that are the perfect size, and have separate comparments for water bottles, iPod's etc.
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    Thanks! I just looked up the Alex quilted travel bag and it looks PERFECT for a gym bag! I really love it in purple (see the link below):

    But I don't think I could bring myself to use such a beautiful $400 bag for my stinky gym clothes! Maybe if I wait and get lucky and find it at the outlet at a great price - then maybe then I could do it!

    I guest it's kind of like actually using a Coach "lunch tote" to carry my lunch - I just couldn't do that!