Coach Grand Opening!

  1. Friday is the Coach Grand opening at the Maine Mall!

    Guess where I'll be??!! LOL!:nuts:

    Bright and early when it opens! LOL!

    It's my first trip ever to a Coach retail store!

    I can't wait!:yahoo:
  2. Awww I am so jealous! I have yet to step into a retail store as well!!! You'll have to tell me all about it!!!
  3. that's so exciting! I guess I'm spoiled because there are three boutiques within about 10mins of me, no outlets thought, which is a bummer, but when I was in college in a very rural area there were no coach stores for like 4 hours!! have so so so much fun!!! and make sure to report back

    where is the Maine Mall? I lived in mass for a long time and used to go up to Maine to go to the outlets and go skiing
  4. I hope they have something fun for their first samples!

    Tell us all about it!
  5. reddianasaur: Thanks! I will definately report back!
    court811: The Maine Mall is located in South Portland. It's Maine's biggest mall! I am about 45 minutes north of it, but only 20 minutes from the Coach outlet in Freeport!
    KKKKate: Free stuff is ALWAYS good! Maybe perfume samples?

    I'll report back on Friday!
  6. I'm jealous! I love the outlets in Freeport! I have to drive 3 or 4 hours to the nearest coach outlet!! Enjoy your fun time!!!
  7. court811: Aren't the outlets in Freeport great?!

    Have you ever been to the ones in Kittery?
  8. Lucky =D have fun!
  9. yup, used to go there a lot too! when I was in high school we lived in SE Mass and my girlfriends and I loved to drive up to Maine to outlet shop - sometimes we'd tie it in w skiing too! don't see much skiing in texas now!
  10. handbglvr......i'm in calif but may be relocating to kennebunk maine this summer...i am going to be there on Easter sunday and then the following week for a few days for some interviews at a couple of the school districts i will definately stop by the maine mall to check it out!!!!
    i have been to both kittery and freeport, unfortnately neither one (i don't think anyway) is a signature outlet
    but i'm planning to go to kittery hopefully on monday or tuesday
  11. Geez! I lived there for 4 years and *suffered* without an actual Coach store! Enjoy the grand opening! Where are they putting it? I do miss going to the outlets in Kittery and Freeport though!
  12. Free stuff: they're giving out free perfume samples right now I think, or they are at my boutique here in AR anyway, just ask for one or they should even give it to you without asking. I've been in there 3x in the last week and gotten one each time-- it smells amazing!

    Either way HAVE A GREAT TIME! Your first Coach retail store experience will be RELIGIOUS (If it was anything like mine)!!!! Yay for you!
  13. yea i think every store is giving away free perfume samples. i would literally be like one of the people who camped out for days to get a PS3...i would camp out infront of coach!
  14. That's so funny! I can just picture you, handbglvr, with your sleeping bag, hangin' out!
    Can't wait to hear how it goes!
  15. im the same way, i have about 3 retail stores within 15 mins of me butttt i would kill for an outlet, closest one is about 6 hours away (and the sad part is i make it up there quite often ;) haha)