Coach Gossip!

  1. GIRLS!

    The Legacy Stripe Scarf they aren't offering online anymore? Ask your SA if they still have the full size. Mine still had two in the back and she told me they aren't going to the outlet.

    She ALSO told me they were opening up two flagship stores-- one in Manhattan and one In LA-- that will JUST sell Legacy Items.
  2. :yes: LOL........YES, YES!!! You have to take it!! How could you pass something like that up??

    If you can't find the time for it, let them know I would be willing to commute from Michigan.... just kidding. Sigh... a job, I need to get my butt in gear and get one of those...
  3. You really think so? I mean I love my weekends... but I LOVE COACH...

    GEEZ.... and I mean it was the Assistant Manager who offered me the job!
  4. Whoops.. I don't know how - but my response ended up in the wrong thread???

    Anyhow - Yes!!! Wouldn't it be great to work there??? You would know about everything going on, perks, being able to "try-on" handbags all day long, to help customers of course!!! :graucho:
  5. wow so where in manhattan is this store going to be?
  6. She didn't say. Details are really sketchy. She just said it would be a boutique devoted just to selling Legacy items and there'd be one in Manhattan and one in LA. LOL. I wish I lived there!!!!
  7. I know. I know. I just love my weekends. But it'd be like a little mini vacation every day... I think I'm gonna do it.
  8. wow i cant wait til this legacy store opens!!! you should take the job!!! coach discounts, insider knowledge, i'm in!!
  9. I believe the shop will be in Greenwich Village.
  10. wow that sounds really cool...
  11. :nuts: I have to go to the legacy store in Manhattan! Do you know maybe what the approx. opening date is?
  12. Nah, she didn't give any details about that. But I'm sure it won't be too long because she said the Legacy stuff isn't going to the Outlet and that it was so popular they thought this would be a great way to continue to market it.
  13. I think they anticipate opening this fall.
  14. For those that want it, the legacy stripe ponytail scarf is still available in some stores.
  15. Any idea where the LA store will be?