Coach goods manufacturer ran a sweatshop?

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  1. This article on AP today accuses a manufacturer of Coach leather goods of running a sweatshop in Boston. It is probably the case that the person was a subcontractor of Coach, and the company did not realize what was happening. I wonder if this will reflect badly on Coach in any way?

    Mass. leather goods maker hired illegals - Yahoo! News
  2. I guess I am missing the part in the article where it mentions Coach by name.

  3. IT says they used to. Its probably when Coach goods were made in the US.

    "Michael Bianco Inc., founded in 1985, specialized in manufacturing high-end leather goods for retailers including Coach Inc. and Timberland Co. before landing a $9.4 million military contract in 2003 to make survival vests. "

    But now the company has a contract with the military to make the "survival vests". I dont think coach has anymore ties with this company
  4. I don't think Coach makes anything in the US any more so there's no current connection to them.