Coach Gold Signature Logo Ring (pics)

  1. Just got this today. Very nice quality, but I'm returning's a little too bulky for my taste. Here are some pics before she goes back!
    phpOwbObnPM.jpg phpE4odKwPM.jpg php3aWbFTPM.jpg phpNEphzWPM.jpg
  2. That is very different! Is that from the fall line?
  3. Pretty.....this is one thing that I definitely want!! I kinda like big chunky rings so hopefully I'll like this as well.
  4. Oooh, I really wanted that but it does look bulky.
  5. Thanks for posting pics! And aw yeah it is a little on the bulky side. It kind of reminds me of a men's ring =\
  6. A little to big for me too - looks like the Tiffany logo ring. But thanks for the pics!
  7. Yea it's from the new jewelry line that will be in stores on aug. 27th. It's $ plated, not solid.
  8. I'm not into the yellow gold but damn!!! that is one good looking ring!
  9. i also think its too bulky.
  10. ITA!! :tup:
  11. haha i know some people prefer silver...don't worry! they have the same one in silver....except that the silver one is solid silver and will run you about $128. :yes:
  12. I bought this and returned it because of the bulk too.
  13. That's really cute...
  14. I received this Logo Ring in Gold yesterday and although I do like large/chunky/bold rings, I don't like this one. I'm not sure if I'm going to keep it for my collection or return it... :nogood:
  15. is that thing gold?