Coach Goddesses Can You Hear Me?

  1. Dear Coach Goddesses,

    Make a Ali in POND please!

    Thank you..

    Love ya lots...


  2. that would be pretty!
  3. That would be so cool, I love Pond.
  4. Agreed!
  5. Ohhh....pond ali....pretty!:wtf:
  6. more in pond in general!

    it's gorgeous!
  7. I agree to that. A Pond Mandy would be TDF!
  8. any bag in Pond would be TDF!!
  9. Agree! I'm calling out for goddesses now too.
  10. mmmm...pond... :drool:
  11. It would definitely be great if they came out with more pond. I just love that colour so much. My pond shoulder bag coordinates with soooooo muvh of my wardrobe. Ah, pond, how i love you.