Coach Gloves

  1. I know this is the purse forum but folks talk about their other accesssories; Coach sunnies, Coach umbrellas, Coach scarves....anyone else LOVE Coach Gloves?

    I have 4 pairs Red, black and tan leather and purple suede. They are so soft and comfortable - the cashmere lined ones (red, tan, purple) are warm too. I would never wear them to shovel out the car, of course but I always feel very "polished" when I'm wearing them.
  2. I love my cashmere lined coach gloves as well. I have them in hot pink and black.
  3. I have fuschia suede ones lined in cashmere with a pink/silver buckle and black fur on the trim. Can you say HOT?? :smile:
    I do feel quite glamourous in them !
  4. I have a pair of Legacy Mahogany ones with the Turnlock closure. I love those gloves.
  5. I was wondering about these gloves. Do any of you know anything about the sizing on the mens gloves? I want to get my b/f a pair as a welcome home present but I really don't know how they are sized.
  6. The turnlock ones are pretty - (I haven't done well with turnlocks - have had to return 2 Legacy Bags) They had gloves with turnlocks in a Lilac color but only in the small. Last visit to the outlet (waaaay back in Feb) I would have bought them if they had a larger pair.

    I find the sizes of the women's gloves run pretty true. I have long fingers so always start trying on with the largest.
  7. Coach's measuring guide for gloves is your ring size. It's assumed it's the wedding ring finger. Others say by shoes size. But I say, unless the gloves can be tried on, I found it better to measure hand. I went into the boutique to try on gloves bought a size 8, my ring size is 6.5 . . .
  8. I have a pair of black gloves with the silver buckles at the wrists. They are super cute and comfortable.
  9. oh geeze, that's gonna be impossible to get! I wonder if he'll be suspicious if i trace his hand when he comes home for leave in july :graucho:
  10. I have one pair, red leather. Got it for about $30 too!
  11. man im so jealous! i live in az :sad: no need for gloves here hehe but you girls make me want some!
  12. I have a pair of their driving gloves in black. I believe they made them in brown also and would love to find them if they did. :yes:
  13. I have mahogany and parchment, buttery soft! I would like a Lilac pair too. Yes they are elegant, polished, glamorous.
  14. I have the black cashmere lined gloves, love them! Can't wait to get another pair in another color! Wait! I really dislike the cold! But I guess if I can have another pair of beautiful gloves to keep me warm, I might be able to stand it! :yes:
  15. How well do these Coach gloves hold up in the snow?? I'll be going on a ski/snowboard trip and I need gloves. I'm thinking about the leather ones and just wanted to see if you guys think they make your hands warm when in/around snow. Any info is greatly appreciated!!