Coach gloves...what size do I get?

  1. I went to order a pair of Coach gloves, but I had no idea they came in different sizes!! I have pretty small hands, so I would guess I wear the smallest size, but I don't want them to be too small! Please help!
  2. I think if you can get to a store or outlet, you should try them on. I guess if you can't make it, then order the smallest (I think that is 6).
  3. Yeah, the outlet has a ton right now, so get out there and try them on. That's my best advice. I know you have smaller hands than me though, so if you want I'll check out my pair tomorrow and see what size I wear if that will help?
  4. I have somewhat-small hands, but definitely not the smallest! I can wear a size-7 gloves, but I prefer a 7.5. You do have to keep in mind that the leather will stretch. For reference, I wear a size 5.5 or 5.25 ring comfortably (I am able to take it off my finger with ease) on my left ring finger. Idk if that would help. If you have small hands, I would go with a 6.5! If you can, head over to the outlet to check them out!
  5. Keep in mind they are supposed to feel a bit snug when brand new and stretch to fit perfectly!!!

    ^^^This is what I was told by an SA anyway!! I have larger then average sized hands, and the 8 fits me even though I never thought it would!! I bet the average woman wears a size 7!!!
  6. i wear 6.5 my hand are small.. i wear ring sized 3.5 to 4
  7. ususally your handsize is the exact same as your feet size =)
    I'm a size 7.5 for feet so i would get a size 7.5 for the gloves (and they fit perfectly) but bc coach gloves are leather and cashmere..they do stretch a bit so i buy .5 size down so i grab a size 7 =) i hope that helps
  8. ^^ interesting to know.. but in my case are not true.. i have 5.5/5 shoe size n 6.5 gloves size
  9. I tried them on at my outlet and they're all too small for me. The largest size there was 8 and it was too small, the wrist part wasn't long enough to reach my wrist and the fingers were too short. I need like 8.5 or up. I should just go get man gloves.
    I know this doesn't help you but it might help someone with big hands here. I wear ring size 8 on my biggest finger. My wedding ring finger is 6.5 though.
  10. I never knew about the shoe size thing lol

    I wear a shoe size of 6.5 - 7 and that's pretty much exactly what I tried on at the Coach store.

    I believe size 6.5 is the smallest size. I have asked friends which size looks better on me, and they all said go for the smaller one cause they will stretch.

    So I would have to say go for the 6.5! Tell us which color u are going to get :graucho:
  11. whoa, I missed this post. That's interesting! My feet are 9.5, do they even make women's Coach gloves this big does anyone know?
  12. Yeah, I don't think that's accurate... I believe the biggest size Coach makes is 8, maybe 8.5?

    My feet are 9-9.5, and my glove size is 7-7.5. So that rule is obviously not for everyone!
  13. Coach gloves stretch a lot, I saw a woman once bring in one glove looking to buy a new pair. She had lost the match of a pair she bought in October and her glove was very stretched and very soft. She came in maybe halfway through Nov or Dec. Maybe she was rough with them, who knows but I was really surprised.
  14. Idk about that shoe-size rule either; it at least, does not fit me! I'm an 8.5, and I wear a 7 or 7.5 glove.

    I think the largest glove size I've seen at Coach is an 8.5? I can feel your frustration, though! I wear a 5.25 or 5.5 ring, and the smallest I think Coach makes is a 6! Do they even do half sizes??

    Anyway, Coach online, boutique, and the outlets have great colors to choose from for gloves!!
  15. I heard you go go by what your ring finger size is and I wear a 7 and my wedding ring is a 7 and its just right