coach gigi

  1. does anyone know where i can get the coach gigi in whiskey for a good price , because now its not online anymore ?
  2. a lot of people have been getting the gigis for good prices on eBay...but make sure to authenticate it on here first!
  3. I heard that they were going to the Outlets this week. I would check with your outlet tomorrow to see it they have any coming in. Good luck!
  4. i did remember macys haveing some and they did have a sell on alot of coach bags so check them out but def a stated before try outlet they have bene having alot of legacy leather and bleecker pieces there at great prices
  5. I agree. I got my Clay one on eBay for just over $300 and am loving it!
  6. I saw a whiskey one on ebay, pretty sure it is authentic for a reasonable buy it now.
  7. Ebay is saturated with them right now!

    But like someone else said.. make sure you have it authenticated.. bc I think it is one of the bags the copycatters have gotten a hold of and are actually doing pretty well.

    Good luck! It's GORGEOUS!