Coach Gigi tote

  1. Hi all! I am new here, well I have been a lurker for quite a while and too shy to post :rolleyes: . So Hiiiii!!! I just want to say this has become my FAVORITE site ever!!!! :yahoo:
    Anyway, has anyone see the new Coach Gigi tote in person? Its not available where I live :tdown: so I would have to order it online w./out trying it first. I like a bigger bag over my shoulder, but is it way too big? Also does anyone have it and LOVE it??? Anyone with pics of them carrying it? Thanks!!!:tup:
  2. It's 16 x 14 x 4" with a 9" strap drop:


    It is a big bag but I think it would be great for work or school as long as it's not overstuffed. I've tried it on IRL and it's not super heavy empty. It's gorgeous and I want it in clay, LOL!!
  3. Thank you!! Does anyone know why they dont have it at all the stores? Oh and I wanted to use it for
    a big lug around bag for work or on days where I have to carry a lot of stuff (like days up at my daughters school where I volunteer ect.)
  4. It is part of the Legacy collection and only a few stores carry that line. So it depends on whether or not your store carries Legacy or not if you can find it near you. Makes you want it more, huh? Hehe.
  5. Hi! Welcome!! If you look under "Coach Reference Library" and then click on the "Post your Legacy Pieces" will see a few modeling pics of the Clay GiGi....What color are you considering? Beautiful bag but it is fairly large. Too big for me, unfortunately. Bigger than the Slim Tote if you're familiar with that size. I say go for it! You can always return at your local store if its not for you.
  6. Hi GlamrGirl! I love the purse (and dog) in your picture! Too cute!
  7. Welcome, girls!

    It's a big bag. Too big for me (I'm a Speedy sized bag kind of girl). But it's GORGEOUS and certainly gets a lot of attention and compliments (one of the girls I work with at Coach has it in Whiskey).
  8. Welcome!! :tup: You will love it here... although your wallet won't! ;)
    As far as the gigi, I don't have one but think while it's really pretty it is huge.. I have seen it irl and for ME it is just too big. Good Luck!!! :yes:
  9. My neighbor has this bag in Clay. It's VERY large, but she works in NYC, and takes an hour ride via train daily, so I'm sure she throws alot of stuff in that bag., personal and work related! BEAUTIFUL bag, especially in CLAY!!!
  10. It's a beautiful bag, but I definately couldn't pull it off! I'm really petite, so the tote would probably make me look like a child!
  11. Oh I want a clay GiGi so bad!! Oops, I should put this in the hissy fits thread too, LOL.
  12. GlamrGirl, if your area COACH stores don't have the GIgi, try Nordstrom, if you have one nearby. Most of the Nordstrom stores carry the Gigi, if they haven't sold-out.