Coach Gigi Question

  1. Hey everyone,
    I was thinking about buying the Gigi tote, but i wanted to use it as a work bag.
    I was wondering if it holds quite a bit, as I would probably need to put quite a bit of stuff in it.
  2. It's HUGE and holds a ton! It probably holds more than any other Coach bag I know of.
  3. ^^Wow....! Really? I have never even given it a 2nd glance but I'm starting to think about getting a bag for work and I was looking at it today on Coach's website.
  4. that makes me really happy to know lol thanks Uptwngirl.
    I really want to get it , i was just worried about size and everything.
  5. Oh that should most definetly hold more than everything you need!
  6. It's a very large bag and can even hold most laptops! It's really a perfect work tote.. gorgeous!
  7. Great work tote! My district manager has one and uses it to carry all of her stuff from store to store and her laptop. Its a bit heavy but looks great!
  8. I work in politics, and GiGi is without a doubt the best "road bag" I've ever had! When I leave the house I have to be prepared for any and all things--so I'm carrying make-up, hair stuff, the schedule binder, the call binder, extra hose, (double some of this if my client is a woman candidate) the phone, the laptop, letters that need signing, bumper stickers, push cards, lapel stickers, well, you get the idea. Sometimes even an extra pair of shoes! It all works so well in the GiGi, and those two front pockets are great for helping with organization, too.

    I love my GiGi, and I'm so glad that I purchased one.
  9. I guess im going to have to go out and buy one very soon lol.
    Thanks everyone for all the information, it was very helpful
  10. I love this bag. I want one for school but I am banned until the next PCE. hmph
  11. new gigi colors are coming!!! :graucho:
  12. ^^what are they??
  13. I know that Walnut is one of the new colors. I recommend this bag highly. The Gigi is
    the only Legacy bag from 2007 that I truly loved enough to buy.
  14. I love my Gigi - I use it for work. I can carry a laptop, files, plus all my regular girl stuff, such as my sunglasses, lotion, wallet, makeup bag, keys, checkbook, iPod, etc.
  15. the gigi doesn't have a zipper to close it, right?