Coach Gigi Leather Tote Still Available?

  1. Hey Ladies,

    I know a lot of you have been craving the clay leather Gigi tote after seeing celebs like Hayden Panettiere and Jessica Alba sporting it. :drool:

    So I wanted to ask if anyone knows if clay is still available. I know that whiskey and black still are through coach.


    Socaltrojan :yes:
  2. Since the clay is no longer available on, I would suggest calling JAX to see if they have any left. Also, there are a few posted on eBay in clay. Hope that helps!
  3. I saw the clay at Macy's in Oak Brook, Il yesterday and it was 25% off.
  4. Hey ladies, I purchased the clay Coach Gigi Leather Tote at Dillards today, it happened to be 50% off, plus an additional 30% off. It is an awesome bag...
  5. Wow duffbabe what a fantastic deal! Congrats!
  6. wow, that is an amazing deal!