Coach gifts for others

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  1. So did anyone do any Coach giving? I got my friend a sig lurex wristlet, matching lipstick case and photo frame. She bought a p/w tote at the outlets and I think it will look nice with the tote. She carries an LV monogram though daily and they don't match the lv but I've seen her use Coach accessories in the LV so hopefully she won't mind.
  2. i give coach when i can, though rarely the bags (i don't know people's tastes well enough to do that most times!). i've gotten friends LOTS of accessories and more practical items (cd cases, passcases, umbrellas, etc)
  3. I'm giving more Coach gifts this year than anything else, I think! I got my mom a black Soho leather small hobo; my granny is getting a black Soho leather small flap; my MIL is getting a black Soho leather pocket flap; we got my husband's boss a black signature gallery mini skinny and one of his coworkers got a black signature mini skinny. Also, I got a camel leather wristlet to give in a gift exchange.

    Sadly, though, there will not be any Coach for me this Christmas. :sad:
  4. I bought my Mom a Coach City Bag in black![​IMG]
  5. No Coach gifts for anyone this year...i am the only purse fanatic in the family.
  6. I bought my sister-in-law the large chelsea optic hobo in black .

    cha cha
  7. I went to the outlet today and bought my MIL a Coach Scarf, my best friend, a Coach keychain with a bunch of butterflies on it and a bunch of id holders for some friends..I love the id holder and how it has slots in the back for cards or money. Here's a pic I took earlier today for a different forum I hang out on.
  8. I'm getting my niece a pair of coach sneakers and two scarves. And I'm giving my best friend a bangle and a P letter charm. That's all the Coach I'm giving out.
  9. i bought my sister a swing pack, my neighbor a wristlet, my m-i-l an agenda,and my best friend a wallet . now hopefully i get something from santa.
  10. I got my friend a Q charm in Nov. for her birthday and the C for her for Xmas. Her first Coach goodies!
  11. I got my sister-in-law a "T" charm.
  12. I got my mom some black leather gloves with a cashmere lining.
  13. You guys did great!
    So today I am second guessing my choice, I got my friend the lurex wristlet in lilac and am thinking the gold would look better in her lv but both colors would look good in her patchwork. Ahhh! I didn't really want to go back out today.
  14. I got my best work friend the keychain picture frame in the brown classic sig and my mom the black pillcase and wristlet.
  15. I bought an umbrella, a swing pack, and a wristlet for three of my nieces and a CD case for my nephew. I might go back later tonight or tomorrow morning for last minute gifts for my SIL and brother too.