Coach gifts for my mom

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  1. Last year August, I went back to Malaysia to see my family after being away from home for three years. Along with me, I brought back a black signature tote and a black signature zip around wallet for my mom. I also gave her my khaki signature french wallet before I left home since I could see how much she liked it.

    Before I went to Cabazon after boxing day, I called mom again to see if she was enjoying her Coach.

    Her answer:
    The bag is too troublesome, have to constantly unzip-rezip everytime I need to get something.
    The big wallet is too hard, so difficult to get the cards that I put inside. Not convenient to use.

    LOL I bought the bag purposely with a zip for security reason. Apparently, she didn't like it. After a few more questions, I realized she wants something with soft leather, green or red, big enough to store a lot of things, but not too big.

    As I am still jobless now, I did not tell her I am planning to find another one for her using my savings. I was hoping to give her as a new Chinese New Year bag which will be this Sunday, but it will now become a mother's day gift, as a friend will help me bring it back to her in May! Yeah!

    I hope this time purchase will put more smile on her face.

    Anybody interested to see what I got for her? :P
  2. Let's see!
  3. me!!!!
  4. Me too!!
  5. Here you go ladies. :biggrin:


    It is a Penelope Op Art Large Tote. It was hidden behind a clearance area, I only saw it after I looked around the shop three times!

    What do you think? It is green, partly with soft leather, and I just love the small op art C. It might be a bit too big and slightly too heavy because of the leather. I am worried she might be turned off with these two points.
  6. very cute! you're a very sweet daughter!
  7. Wow I love the green color! But then again I am a huge green fan! And i love how it is partly soft green leather! This bag is perfect for the spring and summer and looks like it can hold a decent amount! Kudos!!:biggrin:
  8. It's almost exactly what she wanted!! She is going to love're a great daughter!
  9. Very Cute bag!!!
    What a nice gift!!!! I love the Green!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  10. Thank you ghall and Nicolina.

    Yes, I am a huge green fan too, so I was surprised to find out mom like the same color. Malaysia is tropical all year long, which I think this bag will fits in well.

    THe best part, it is locked easily with a snap closure!! Plus, it has a zipped compartment which can keep things more secure if my mom wants. I adore the yellow.

    The more I carry it, the more I like it myself. LOL I might just borrow it from mom the next time I go home. :P
  11. Lynne, thank you. :smile:
  12. thoughtful of you. Mom should love that bag!
  13. Italiahaircolor, TQ. Yes, it is exactly how she described.

    phoxxy, thank you.
  14. I have that bag in black leather and black/white siggy - I love it!! It's not very heavy and I love the different compartments. That bag SPOILED I want three compartment (I count the middle zippered area as a compartment) in EVERY bag. Thank goodness for Maggies and Garnets!!

    Let us know what she thinks. I hope she loves it, or, if she doesn't that she at least is a good mom and LIES about it!!!
  15. OK, here is the last set of photo for this thread, a matching wallet that I bought on the same day.

    A green pattern multi-purpose case.

    I like how it has many slots. The only down side, no coin compartment. I will get one for her when find a nice one.

    There you go, green gifts for the mom. LOL

    Okay, off to the gym now.