Coach Gift Items for 12 year old girl


Sep 12, 2006
My niece will be turning twelve at the end of the year and I need help with purchasing her first coach Bag. I tried last year but her parents freaked out like the bag and shoes were million dollar items. It was a black signature demi with matching shoes and I thought they were age appropriate but everyone was so negative that I ended up taking them back. My niece was disappointed and unfortunately I never got around to replacing them so please help me find something that will hopefully make everyone happy.

I believe demis are a good size. My daughter is 10 and she has tried on a few demis... they look really cute. Shoes (sneaker) are great, too. If she deserves them, why freak out? As long as you know she'll appreciate and take care of her items, I say go for it. I wish my daughter would take up liking Coach but she's just not into it yet...

If prices bother them, you could go with a wristlet or mini skinny. If you haven't checked out, here are some ideas...

Let us know what you decide on!! Good luck!
I agree with a demi or a swing pack for a 12 year old. (Maybe 11 was a wee-bit young for it? I dunno...I see 8 year olds carrying D&Bs, so what do I know? heheh)

Or start off really small with just a wristlet? something she can put in her backpack for school?

You're a sweet Aunt for wanting to buy her something so nice!
My youngest daughter is almost 13 and huge on Coach. Demis are really popular style with the Jr. Hi set. Also wristlets. I thought swingpacks were perfect size, style for teen, but she wrinkled her nose. We went shopping at the PCE for her (future) Christmas present and she chose the ipod carrier in signature with gold trim. If she had a bigger budget, she would have gone for a signature demi with matching wallet.

I wouldn't do shoes unless you buy them hugely discounted at Marshalls,etc. Their feet grow so fast at this age.

I caution against vachetta leather for this age group as it's too hard to care for properly. And the cottons using "scribbles" get dirty and grubby fast.

Yeah, they are way too young, but my daughter really loves, and cares for her Coach stuff. I have to say though, the teeny-bopper enthusiasm for anything with Coach signature has turned me off of the items that scream "Coach".
I think the holiday patchwork items and the scarf prints are really cute for a 12 year old. They are sort of bright and fun looking so maybe that would assuage some of mom's fears?
I've narrowed it down to a wristlet, ipod case, frame keyfob and some sneakers. If I find cute demi I'll pick it up as well but I think she'll get more use out of a wristlet.

I'll post pic when I get them.

Thanks for all your help
i got my first coach bag when i was 12. my first bag was actually a blue leather one but then after that it was non-stop signature for me. i'd go with the signature demi!!!! that was my first signature.
I understand how you feel. I had the same situation and she was 12 i was going to get her a Coach or a Dooney and they had a fit. They said she was too young and she wouldnt take care of it. So when she turned 13 this past Oct. i gave her a Dooney which i felt was more for a teen. It was actually 1 that i bought and carried 2 or 3 times still in good condition and she loved it. But i think you should get her the Soho signature pouch,and a couple of keyfobs and if she has an ipod get her a lil case for it. I think she will love that.
the kids I teach (11-14) carry demis & wristlets. one has a miniskinny and one has a swingpack (the lighter summer patchwork). all good choices!! maybe start off with a wristlet so the parents don't freak out?