Coach Gift for 14 year old

  1. Do you think a 14 year old girl would like this Coach small soho Red Flap double pocket Handbag? I'm looking for a gift for my grandaughter. Is this color good for a Teenager? the color is brighter than this picture shows

  2. Does she like red? What color clothing does she wear a lot of?
    Most girls that age would do better with a demi or a pouch, easier to keep track of and 'cuter'. I have that red bag but in pink signature and it seems a little more 'older' like for high school girls.

    I'd suggest something like:


    in a plain color like black or khaki/gold.

    Just some ideas!!!
  3. It's cute but I agree that it might be a little old for her yet. A lot of the girls that like Coach like the signature bags. A cute demi or pouch would be a nice gift.
  4. I bought her a pastel patchwork small handbag last year and she loves it and takes very good care of it. She wears it everytime I see her but it looks kinda small since she has grown larger. A Coach pouch would be too small for her size . The Carly is cute but too expensive. I can get a good deal on this bag on eBay right now.
  5. Here is the one I bought her last year -(photo borrrowed from eBay) I paid $50 at the outlet for her.
  6. [​IMG]
  7. Honestly, you're the best judge since you know her! If you feel that she'd enjoy this bag then I say go for it!

    ETA: What about a Carly demi? It's a bit larger than the normal demi but is cute. You can get them now at great prices on eBay and at Macys.

    OK, for some reason I can't post pics here so this is the link:
  8. Edit: nevermind....