Coach Gallery Satchel Questions...

  1. Hi there, I am on the lookout for a gallery satchel and Im debating between either the black one without the signature print, or the black one with the signature print.


    There is a bit of a price difference between the two so that may be a factor as well. The one with the logos is more expensive. What is a good price for either bag?

    Anyone have either or both? How do you like it?

    Which one would you guys use more? What looks better? I'm looking for an every day, classic but still fun looking purse-- is there anything else you can suggest? Also, I'm 20 years old and in university.

    Thanks for your opinions and suggestions!!!! Lisa
  2. I personally like the black signature better...I believe a couple months back it was $439.00 + 20% off at an outlet & the nylon was oh I can't remember. It is so gorgeous IRL, I would have bought the khaki at that time if I had the money. The signature one I think is also bigger than the nylon.
  3. bigger than the nylon?

    omg, I picked up the white one and commented to my SIL that it looked like I was running away from home with that bag!

    (hmmm...maybe I was looking at the larger one? heheh)
  4. i had that first one and i am STILL kicking myself for taking it back...(and i'm in the boat...21 and in school). it was perfect!

  5. I had the second one in my hand at the outlet in Las Vegas in the summer time... and I put it back and I am also kicking myself--- however, they didnt have the signature one so now Im not sure which one I want!