Coach Gal needs pointers on selling Gucci!

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  1. Okay. My mom's friend recently moved to Tennessee from Las Vegas. [Mind you, she moved into a tiny little hick town in TN. ;D] She loved designer bags, particularly Gucci. But now that shes moved, she has practically no money and shes resorting to selling some of her bags. She told me, "What do I need them now for? People down here think Gucci is slang for something yucky!" Hehehe.

    Anyways, she sent them here for us to sell in Vegas. Her CraigsList had practically nothing, and she knows here people will actually want them. [Yes, we are using CraigsList, not eBay. We dont want to pay for shipping and all that good stuff. This way, people can come to our house and look before deciding to pay.]

    So. This is where you guys come in. Im an expert on deciphering a fake Coach and what to look for before purchasing one! But in Gucci. Ahaha. I have no clue whatsoever what people want to see on an ad before purchasing! Im in dire need to know what to take pictures of and how to make them sell! And I also need to know the names, years, estimated prices now...all that good stuff. I can tell you that the one in the first picture [the one with print, its very hard to see it though. some pointers on getting it to show.] she paid $900 and would like $700. And the second one [leather, the one where my dog got his face in] she paid $1100 and would like $900. They still have their dustbags.

    [And =


    Thanks a ton!
  2. Oh hey. Ive been looking for the serial number for ever...

    The patterned one is: 120840 002058
    and the leather: 001-3748 001998

    Dunno what they stand for...Really would like some expertise!!!
  3. Please post ALL AUTHENTICITY questions in the AUTHENTICATE THIS the top of the Gucci forum

    we also have NAME THAT GUCCI thread to name the bags......
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.