Coach Gabby sandals

  1. These are so pretty I love them!
    What a great deal you got on them!
  2. thanks.. anyone own these and know how they fit?? comfortable? .... anyone?? :smile:
  3. Can't see eBay =(
    Can anyone post a pic for me? please please.
  4. pic from the eBay auction:
  5. Cute shoes!!!
  6. Love the shoes - you got a great deal!
  7. Congrats and great deal o.o !
  8. Those are cute!! Great deal too!!
  9. Ohhh, pretty shoes!!! You got a great deal!
  10. good buy!
  11. I think that seller has more gabby shoes ... i think they come in gold, too..
  12. Love 'em! Congrats!