Coach Furniture

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  1. Has anyone seen any?
  2. The Coach Flagship store at NorthPark Mall in Dallas used to sell a couple of pieces ( I think) but that was a couple of years ago.
  3. Only in a catalog years ago. Does Coach still make furniture?
  4. I remember there was a thread about this a while back, discussing Coach's partnership with a furniture company as well as Lexus.

    I wonder if anyone can pull up any images?!
  5. Have you?! :smile:
  6. I just googled/ebayed/everything searched and I can't find a thing! Let me know if you find something!!!
  7. About 3 years ago, they sold couches and leather chairs.
  8. There is an old thread on this, the furniture was nice but super $$$.
  9. If you look at the internet archive site for, you can see a section on their website for furniture....they would make leather couches and chairs, etc
  10. I used to have that lexus they made!!! I actually dont have any pictures of it though. I remember starting a thread after reading an old care card though and i wanna say someone told me it was like $2000 for a chair, but I dont remember exactly.
  11. I had no idea! I can think of some great combinations for some though!
  12. OMG I would love to have some Coach furniture.