Coach Fur Jacket - Last Year

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  1. Coach did a fur jacket last fall that I regret not getting. Anyone happen to see it around? It was only in select stores and on their website.

    Any info is appreciated!

  2. I never saw a fur jacket. I bet it is very pretty though!
  3. it was mink. It was 3/4 sleeve and had a turnlock at the top. I saw one at the store near me. It was $4000 IIRC.
  4. peacocky that is great. Can you post the location of that store.

  5. Was it this one? If so, I can see why you want to hunt one down. Wow.

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  6. Yes!
  7. Wow, the legacy lining is just beautiful!
  8. i like it!
  9. thats pretty... but the price tag must be horrendous. lol i hope that you find it!
  10. Oh. My. That's just too pretty.

    If I didn't live in an area with too many animal rights extremists I'd seek one out too.
  11. Same here - I have a faux fur jacket that looks very real and I live in the Bay Area where you can get red paint tossed on your fur so I'm even a little careful about where I wear my fake one so a real one out here is just a problem. It is stunning though -if you get it, please post pics so I can live vicariously through you;)
  12. wow people throw paint on your fur???? wow they better never go near my mothers coat closter, nothin but fur and leather lol. just curious do they do anything to leather bags?
  13. wow its gorgeous!
  14. Nah, just fur - it's PETA - sometimes they are outside stores in SF like NM and have thrown red paint on ladies real fur coats! Fur's also not all that big of a thing on the West Coast - I remember when I moved to the East Coast once for a job and when winter hit everyone brought out the fur (the real thing) coats - it was so odd to see all those furs all winter long even on guys - in CA you rarely see a fur coat!
  15. That coat is beautiful!!