Coach Frequently Asked Questions {FAQ} & REFERENCE INFO

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  1. Hopefully this thread will be able to answer Coach's most frequently asked questions.
    This will be a Reference only thread, no questions should be asked, but if there's anything missing, please post a reply, one of us will update this post w/ any new info.

    For the majority of bags, baby wipes or mild soap and water will do the trick. For most problems with stains, we will suggest one of these options, they usually work and the chance of ruining your bag is slim.
    Suede can be tricky - you can always try the nail file trick and see if that works.
    Coach does not offer a bag cleaning service.
    Coach - FAQs

    Coach will repair a bag if it is a result of the workmanship and it happened due to normal use.
    If they determine it cannot be repaired, they will probably send you a credit or a coupon.
    They do not repair final sale merchandise, nor do they repair fakes.
    Coach - FAQs
    Coach - FAQs

    excerpt from
    We will be glad to refund or exchange any new and unused merchandise. You may return your item(s) to either a Coach Full Price Store or ship your item(s) to our Returns department.
    New, unused full price merchandise may be exchanged or returned at any Coach Store with an original Coach receipt or mail order packing invoice.
    New, unused Full Price merchandise may be returned for merchandise credit with a gift receipt.
    New, unused Factory merchandise may be returned for merchandise credit only in Full Price stores with an original Coach receipt or gift receipt.

    Price adjustments on previous purchases are not permitted.

    Preferred Customer Event (PCE)
    This seems to be a random mailing to customers who have purchased in the boutique.
    Sometimes there is a price minimum to get the coupon, sometimes not.
    Outlet purchases, phone purchases, and purchases do not count towards the PCE.
    The 25% coupon is good on whatever is in the store (no special ordering, etc).
    PCE is usually every 3 months or so.

    Most of your questions can probably be answered in this thread:
    For a list of Coach outlets, go to and search COACH.
    Outlet purchases may be returned to a full-price store for store credit only.

    Serial numbers
    If you want to know the year your bag was made, check your serial number.
    There will be two numbers in the first set, that’s the year (for example a06z - made in 2006).
    Serial numbers vary.

    Authenticating a Coach product
    Please visit our Authenticate This! thread at the top of the Coach Shopping sub-Forum for specific questions (posting multiple pictures helps a lot, as well as posting eBay auctions, etc).
    In general, signature pieces are easiest to determine authenticity, signature bags are always symmetrical and a mirror image of the other side. This is usually easy to spot, counterfeiters usually don't get this right.
    Also, signature bags do not also have signature linings. And in all bags, there is a creed with a stamped serial number. No creed in a bag = FAKE.

    Usually the flats run about a ½ size big, everything else is about true to size.

    Drill down
    The drilldown is used as a verification of how a bag is supposed to look.
    Most bags will show up on the DD and are as they look in final production, there are a few exceptions to this.
    To use the drilldown, go to this site:
    Where you see the 10366, insert the last 4 digits of the serial number of the bag you are looking at.

    More Reference
    This is a link to past COACH pages:*/

    Reputable eBay Sellers
    A list of current reputable sellers can be found here:

    Registering bags
    Coach does not have registration cards anymore, but you may register online if you wish.
    Coach - Product Registration

    Discontinued Products
    Bags that are out of season may still be available to purchase, call Coach at 1-888-262-6224 for availability.

    Coach will replace lost hangtags for free, also available to purchase are straps for bags.
    Call 1-888-262-6224 to inquire.

    Organizer Refills
    Refills for your agenda are available here:
    Coach - Planner/Organizer Refills

    You can request a catalog here:
    Coach - Catalog Request

    Only BAGS come w/ dustbags
    Products marked Final Sale {FS} cannot be repaired by Coach

    thank you to any member who helped compile this information:yes:
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  2. I don't know if this is officially recommended, but I purchased some Apple leather conditioner and used it on the bottom (leather portions) of my new b&w sig Chelsea satchel. It soaked right in and looks great!

    I've never done any moisturizing or special treatments on my bags other than Shining Monkey spray on my LV's so I'm a little reluctant but so far so good. I did not know what to expect from Apple conditioner but it comes out like shampoo for those who are curious.

    Anyway, your mileage may vary but wanted to share my experience!
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  3. Can this link be added to the OP top thread?

    It's a link to past Coach pages:
    Internet Archive Wayback Machine
  4. I'm posting another drilldown link here since I know this one works - BTW, remember, if a number doesn't work it doesn't mean that the number is invalid or the link is bad. Only about 60 percent of recent items will be on file, and bags made before 2000 usually won't show up at all.

    (Substituting D2 for D1 makes the image larger.)
  5. This might be a good place to post some links to the Answers to Authenticity Questions thread that might come in handy.

    Some visual clues to help recognise fakes:

    Genuine Coach serial numbers over the years:

    Hangtags on Coach keychains:

    Fake boxes and counterfeit keychains:

    Some Real vs Fake photos (although not all genuine hangtags will have grommets, BTW)

    Link to a great Ebay Guide on recognising fakes:

    An updated list of common fake serial numbers used on counterfeits:
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  6. Hi, I've posted this in the "I had a dream about Coach" thread, but it I think it would be more appropriate that I create a link here. Since this is the Coach Library, there should be an archive department, eh?*/

    Not all the links work, but the ones that do work (if you have a little patience), you will be amazed at what you see. For instance, February 14, 1997 is a good place to start your Coach journey. Not only are the bags there 'classics' but so is the website and you can see how far we've progressed in terms of technology and the ability to display and access information.

    I hope you enjoy this website and it's also a good place to go to view rare and unusual limited Coach handbags. :tup:

    Take care,

  7. hi! As requested, this thread is for people to ADD info to, no questions here please:tender:
  8. For those of you who have pebbled leather bags, the COACH leather cleaner and conditioner should not be used on them. Stick to gentle soap and water.
  9. The two things that I have found that work the best to clean COACH signature fabric is dawn dishsoap and Mr. Clean Magic Eraser!!!

    I went over the bag everywhere with a very soft toothbrush and cleaned it with dawn dishsoap and luke warm water. I got the leather wet (saddle color) so I ended up just wetting all the leather, then conditioning it with Apple once it dried. I encountered no issues with the leather spotting or discoloring. After I had let the bag totally dry I went back over the entire thing with a regular Mr. Clean magic eraser and it seemed to clean off the few spots that were a little stubborn.

    This was done on a medium khaki signature Carly with the saddle colored trim. The bag cost me $40 shipped so I had nothing to loose, only a decent bag to gain!!!

    Everyone here ALWAYS recommends trying ANY cleaning method on a small test spot that won't be noticed with regular wear. Even in cases when people have done these different cleaning methods with great success, the test is always the BEST policy!!!
  10. Guide to creed markings and/or stamps:

    bullet/target sign/bullseye = outlet
    X - discount store
    M - Macy's
    N - Nordstroms
    FS - final sale (voids warranty)
    ES - employee sale/ sold to a Coach employee at a discount (seems to also void warranty)
  11. can you please tell me whether this is fake or original

  12. OP posted this in the "Authenticate This" thread as well.
  13. Does anyone have the link to the new drilldown? Thank you. :smile:
  14. Yes, what is this drilldown I keep reading about here? I've googled until my fingers are falling off, but all I get are links to Coach's home page and people lamenting the death of drilldown, yet you here at TPF talk about it like it's still out there.