Coach Fragrance

  1. OK, I know that any fragrance will have a different scent on different women, so I was wondering. I've been using the fragrance samples I've gotten from Coach for the past week or so, and while I initially LOVE it when I first spray it on, it seems it is NOT very long lasting!

    I took into account that the samples didn't have quite the spray effect that I would get from a bottle, so I sprayed more heavily than I normally would from a full bottle of perfume. Still though, a few hours later....nothing! The scent was completely gone! "Light" is one thing.....but this just totally disappears.

    Anyone else have this problem??
  2. I haven't had that experience with the fragrance. Are you spraying it on your pulse points?
  3. try the solid. it goes directly onto the skin...and last very long.
  4. I haven't had this problem at all, but like
    kensashalo said, maybe you need to spray it on your pulse points...I know that I smell it all day if I put it on my inner wrists, but IDK
  5. You get used to the fragrance and it seems to disappear, but get someone you know to smell you and tell you if they can still smell it.
  6. I thought it smelled good, I used one of the little samples too, but DH said I smelled like an old lady.

    oh well, guess no big bottle for me, normally I wouldn't really worry about what he thought, but I would like my husband to think I smell good
  7. I haven't had this problem, but I do have the big bottle and I spray on all of my pulse points...
  8. I haven't had this problem, i think it fades, but it's never completely gone away. i also have the solid and I put it on my wrists later in the day.
  9. ITA:yes:
  10. my honey LOVES the smell of Coach fragrance on me! I didn't like it so much when I first tried it, but after several compliments from him on it, I started to LOVE it. Now, that's pretty much all I wear. I didn't like the solid as much as the spray though. I think everyone is going to share a little bit of a different view on this one.
  11. Thanks for all the insight everyone! I think I'll give the solid a try, and be more aware of where I'm spraying when I do use the spray. I love the scent, it's light and that's what I tend to wear, so as long as it will last more than a few hours, it's a keeper!