Coach Fragrance Poll


Does the new fragrance smell good?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. No, but the container makes up for it.

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  1. I don't have any Coach retails stores near me and I really want to know what the new fragrance smells like. So I thought this would be good for anyone in the same boat or who wants to know what everyone else thinks of the new fragrance that owns it.

    Feel free to post your thoughts, what size purchased, and if you would recommend it to any Coach lover. Don't forget to vote. ;)
  2. At first I didn't like it but now I'm ok with it. It doesn't smell like anything I own so I had to get used to it. I have the bottle, the purse spray and the deluxe spray sample that was given to customers through the mail.

    If you haven't smelled it yet, order a catalog online... included in the catalog is an in-page perfume sample.
  3. If you order the new catalog, there is a sample in it! I have no stores near me either, so I ordered the catalog :smile:
  4. I went in today and sprayed some on. Its not bad but I probably won't buy it because I have a fragrance I like more than this one.
  5. I'm a perfume addict, and to me this just seemed a little generic. It's classy, but there's nothing distinctive enough about it to make me want to buy it. I'm definitely not gonna trade out my J'adore anytime soon!

    That said, I love the bottle ;)
  6. I really like it. And it looks beautiful on my dresser.
  7. I tried it this weekend while shopping and I thought it smelled husband did not like it:smile:
  8. I like it....its fruitty and floral...which I like....but definitely doesn't overpower. And it lasts all day...and perfume NEVER lasts all day on me. I just have the sample the sent in the mail so far....but I'll probably buy the purse one...because it takes me forever to get through a bottle of perfume since I barely use any.
  9. I'm a fragrance whore, I love them! SO I'll probably end up getting this, its a nice daytime scent, not heavy at all. Besides the bottle is too cute!
  10. I have not smelt it but i think it would be ok.
  11. it's not my favorite perfume, but certainly not the worst. it's something different for me, which i like. plus the bottle is too damn cute.

    and i'm with you, shelbell, it's gonna take me FOREVER to get through the purse size one!
  12. My husband doesn't like it, either. He says it smells like "old ladies." :rolleyes:
  13. I like fruity scents and this one is a bit fruity with some floral in it. A bit different than what I already have. I have only smelled the sample in the catalog so hopefully the true scent is the same. I'm going for the purse size. That'll be big enough for me!
  14. my verdict was out about hte perfume until i smelled it, this past weekend when Kallison and I went shopping and as soon as i get the money i will at least get the purse spray!!
  15. I didnt like it at all! It was like a slap in the face! I SWEAR it smelled like a magnolia flower... i'm not a fan of that flower. :wtf: