Coach Fragrance bangle bracelet

  1. I think the Coach Fragrance bangle is ADORABLE! :love:


    So if any of you ladies have purchased it, would you pretty please (with sugar on top) post a pic of you wearing it?
    I bet it looks too cute on and I'm dying to see...:shame:
  2. Its insanely cute, I wish there bangles accomodated larger wrists!!!!! :push:
  3. it is really cute.
  4. I like it! It would compliment a white top, jeans, and red heels.
  5. It is SO cute!
  6. i love it, but i like the thinner bangles because i'm small and the big ones look huge on me. if they made it in the like 1/2 or 1" i'd get it because i love the color.
  7. If anyone has a bangle that size, could you post a pic? thanks!
  8. LM,

    I am glad I am not the only one with this issue. My striped legacy is a tad too small.

    Years ago, a boyfriend got me a Gucci Watch (bangle) and they came in 2 sizes. Wish Coach would do the same.
  9. I have teeny tiny wrists and hate to wear some bracelets and watches because they slide around too much. I'm hoping that I will find a bangle that will be ok for me.

    I could have sworn that I saw the thinner bangle in that print in the big book at the boutique. It's supposed to be coming out in April. I guess I could be mistaken. The large bangles are a little bold though, I don't think as many people would wear them.
  10. I totally :heart: this!!!

    Coach - 3/4" FRAGRANCE BANGLE

    The smaller size!!! If I find myself wearing my pond 3/4", I am totally going to get this one as well!!! Here it is ladies, the more wearable size!! :smile:
  11. i love the thinner one!
  12. Oh I need the thinner one!!! ::adds to wishlist::

  13. I know what you mean... my hubby bought me a silver one for Christmas but it was sort of uncomfortable to wear so I exchanged it for something else... I would LOVE to have the perfume print though. It is SOOOOO cute!
  14. I love this pink one. I think i'll order one!!!