Coach Fourth of July Sale

  1. One of the outlets in Texas told me this was their biggest sale every year.

    but does that mean the sale starts thursday before the 4th and last until wedneday or is it just on the 4th...

    Does anyone know?
  2. More info please!!!:yes:
  3. The first time I went to a coach outlet was a day or two before the 4th I want to say...

    It was a mad house I could barely get it and everything was at least 40%-60% off ...I just remember being shocked.

    I am planning going down on the fourth and staying the night until the 5th...but the 5th is a thursday.

    So should I switch it and stay down there the 3rd and hit two mega sale days?
  4. I planned on going to Petaluma on the 2nd. I wonder if I should call them and get an exact date. I am more than willing to go another day. Anyone in the San Francisco area familiar with the 4th of July sales?
  5. Wow - I thought the sale just after Christmas when they do the Winter "delete" was a biggie - I'm going to put this in my calendar!
  6. Oh, I never thought of that. I bet it will start tuesday or wed and go through the weekend.
  7. Thanks for the info- I am going to have to make the drive to foley or gulfport for the sale!
  8. It starts a few days before, I went last year. There are great deals! You should definately call your closest outlet for exact dates, wouldn't want to go & no sale!
  9. Thanks for the heads up
  10. Very cool. :smile: Hopefully I'll be able to go. We have the bf's kids for a month this summer so I don't know if I'll be able to drag everyone 3 hours away just to shop at Coach. *L*
  11. I think our SA's/managers on the forum might be able to give us more info on the upcoming 4th of July sale!:cool:

  12. ooooh ... I will be in vegas the first and second .... hmmmm
  13. I'll be in Orlando from 6/30-7/10 so knowing the start dates would be a great help!!
  14. Outlet Sale- I can tell you the sales start Thur. Now for Memorial Day, one of the stores I went to did not have their sale up yet on Thur. The other one did. The SA at the second store said the mgr at the first store must not have played their message yet.
  15. I love the Foley outlet! We go the Gulf Shores every year for spring break and I go to the Coach outlet like every day! The SA's there are the best!!:tup: