Coach FOS popbacks?

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  1. Does anyone know if the Factory online store has pop backs? An item I wanted slipped away from me, and the outlets near me are sold out.

    Also, has anyone ordered via telephone from an outlet store and had the item shipping to you?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I've never heard of popbacks. What are they?

    I don't think outlet will ship to residents. Most will do charge sends; shipping from one outlet to another though some outlet will only do this within their own district.
  3. Popbacks are when an item that was previously out of stock "pops back" online the next morning. J. Crew is notorious for this. Every morning between 5-6am J. Crew will have a previously sold out item back in stock. I am sure it has to do with items being returned.

    Thank you for the information on the outlet information of shipping items to their residence.
  4. Happens all the time on FOS. Items will sell out during one sale and show up again for many more sales in a row. Or, one random sale 3 months later. Or, not at all. You never know with Coach.
  5. Thank you!
  6. Items won't pop back in the same sale, but will show up in future sales, sometimes months, even years, later.
  7. I've only done one charge-send, but when I did it, an outlet store in New Hampshire sent the bag directly to my home.......
  8. Oh wow! Years later! Thank you, I will continually check the site from time to time.
  9. That is good to know. I called the 3 outlets in my area and all of them were sold out of the wallet that I wanted.
  10. Yes! I bought the parchment spectator Kristin domed satchel on FOS in June 2012 and it was on FOS again a few weeks ago.
  11. Wow, that is crazy!!
  12. Another yes, that they do pop back! I was so back-and-forth on a Pinnacle Woven Lily ($1200 bag) - When it finally showed up on the FOS - I put it in my cart, and that evening, when I decided to purchase - they were gone. Three weeks later, it showed up again - and my little fingers never moved so fast! Incidentally, it wasn't a return - it was still factory wrapped - even all of the hardware.

    So, make sure you check every FOS..... you might get lucky!
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    Yeah, on the "pop backs" you never know when something might show up at an outlet or on FOS as others have stated.

    You cannot order via phone from an outlet and have an item sent to you but you can do a "Charge Send". I had located an item I wanted (with help from a wonderful tPF'er) but it was going to take me too long in traffic to make it to the store with the item. I went to a closer outlet and filled out a form that they faxed to the store that had the item. The store with the item charged my card and I had to pay $10 for ground shipping to have the item sent to my house in Georgia (the outlets are in California). You could pay more for faster shipping.

    The interesting thing was, the manager at the store that did the Charge Send (The Great Mall in Milpitas, CA) was very helpful. I wasn't sure that the other store would still have the item I wanted because it was a FP bag on clearance. The manager was so nice, she said "Oh, if it's already gone I'll search the database for all our outlet stores and we'll find that bag for you...........". When I'm back there I'm going to get her name so I report how great she was.
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    Yes, I do this all the time. Once you find the item (can be anywhere in the US) you need to have them hold it; then you go to an outlet, and ask them to do a charge send with the other store, who will send the item to your home. The store you are at basically does the paperwork and faxes to the other store. Cost of CS is $10 same as noted by GA Peach above, it's really a good deal.

    Also, some stores will check other locations cross country for you. I think it depends on the SA and how busy they are.
  15. Wow this is all such great information! I should try going to my local outlet to do this! Thank you so much!