Coach forum survey panel?

  1. Does anyone know if Coach has any kind of market research?

    It seems with all the complaints about customer service as well as some bags that don't cut the mustard they could really stand to do some market research.

    It would be so easy with all of us Coach lovers to really get a good scope on what the customers find missing or lacking. Other companies tend to do this why not Coach (to a bigger scale if they are doing something). I'm on the Banana Republic panel and find that many suggestions myself or others make tend to be made in the stores.
  2. I received a survey to fill out a few weeks ago. It was emailed to me.
  3. It's a great idea actually, I would think it could do nothing but improve their sales.
  4. I filled out a survey a few weeks back:yes:
  5. I actually asked a SA about this once and she said they were going to try and do more research etc. in the future... this was a few month ago, and I do not know what they have done yet...
  6. I filled out an online coach survey a few months ago. They emailed me. I hope they do that again sometime soon.
  7. I got one years ago but nothing since.
  8. I get emailed survey's several time a year.