Coach Forum Less Active Than A Couple Years Ago??

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    It will be four years ago in Febuary that I have been a member on TPF. Though I post occasionally on other forums I am most active here. When I first joined this forum was ridiculously active, probably as active as the LV forum. You could check several times a day and see lots of new posts. I used to scratch my head wondering how some people could afford to buy so many new bags. Now the same posts are on page one for a week...or more!! Even a couple of years ago, the forum seemed to be more active.

    Is it just me who is noticiing? If you see it too what do you suspect is the reason?

    1. Full price deletes are not at the outlets in mass as they were a couple of years ago, thus less reveals
    2. Reduced Interest in the Fall line or Coach in general (I have to say when Sophia first appeared in the fall preview a couple years ago, there was tons of excitement and anticipation around it, i.e, the black floral sophia)
    3. People who used to post lots of reveals have moved on to other brands or are just busy with life. A few names come to mind PickyCoachLover, Proffashionista, Almabr, Muranogrl, Jelita78, CoachAddict, BagLady39...
    4. Consolidation of threads into one big one (for example the fall master threads) instead of individual reveals
    5. The Economy - less disposable income to buy bags
    6. Other reason, please share
  2. Oh, yea...I think the entire forum is less active. I know so many who have been "gone" from TPF, and it makes me kind of sad. It's fun to keep up with people over the years. I've been here 5 years, and a lot of the posters I have enjoyed are gone.

    As far as Coach goes, it's definitely had turnover. I see a lot have gone on to other brands. But new people are always bringing life and zest into the forums...I still enjoy it.
  3. I still enjoy it too. But I do miss the large number of reveals we used to see. I pulled up an interesting thread the "Coach Awards for 2009". Almost none of these folks are still active here <sniffs> Though this thread might be a fun idea to see who the "winners" would be now!

  4. Definitely see a difference now. I've been on this forum since 2007 and have seen it all. I do miss some of the older members (coachgirl12) I remember the frenzies when a new style came out (pleated satchel) and I couldn't wait to see the reveals. It's still a great forum but I Am guilty of moving on to other brands and not posting nearly as much as I used to.
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    I've noticed a difference in the last few months. I was gone for over a week and I hardly missed anything. Since I've been back, I've been checking several times a day, but there isn't as much to see or comment on. I'm guilty of not doing any reveals myself since I'm trying to be good!

    I've even noticed that the Authentication thread isn't very active either.
  6. I agree that there appears to be less activity. I started viewing the blog in 2009 and finally registered in 2012. I love the reveals and am really grateful when people do take the time to reveal their bags. It is the reveals that really sell me on a bag, the Coach website just doesn't offer enough information for me to plunk down serious money on a bag. I would do reveals but by the time I get around to purchasing an item it is old hat and already been revealed multiple times. If I even get the drop on a bag-I will not hesitate to reveal. Hope this is too OT just want to let posters, past and present thank you for all the great information and reveals!
  7. All of my regular web forums devoted to consumer items or expensive hobbies are less active than a few years ago. I would say its the economy, a political climate which doesn't encourage excessive consumerism... And possibly my attendance!

    Everything has a life cycle on the Internet ... And 2-4 years on a Web forum is a longggg time.
  8. Remember lovecoachmore? When I first joined I remember seeing one of her reveals where she filled an entire bed with new Coach...good times!:P
    I am on other forums (sports, music) and they tend to vary in posts and posters also...TPF is my favorite, and I still enjoy reveals and the different poster's personalities - it is all good.
  9. Great thread and maybe some of the tpfers you mention will answer the question , I to miss alot of them. There knowledge was endless. Bunny is another one that comes to mind, I see her posts very rarely.

    I do notice that when the deletes are coming or new styles introduced the threads pick up , but you are right it can take a week before the next page turns.

    I wish I had an answer, but just that all of the above are probably true!
  10. For me, it's the economy. My husband was unemployed for 14 months. I couldn't read on here when I didn't have the money to shop. I also don't even look at anymore. I'll look at the online outlet sales and even ordered a bag yesterday.
  11. Yes I miss the way the forum was few yrs ago. Remember Peggle and her video reveals ? So fun. I agree with all reasons mentioned in the above posts big one being the economy. One other reason for people who buy FP is the designs being used a year or two down the line for MFF bags. There is a MFF Sabrina, MFF hippie, MFF Carly,MFF Brooke...... Soon we will be seeing MFF Sophia and Kristin! I feel this devalues the brand !
  12. I think the economy has a lot to do with this. I started reading TPF in 2009 while in college and I used to wonder how people could afford all those bags. I wasn't reading for a while and came back when I was able to afford bags again. I agree that before there amount of post and reveals was larger, but we still have very good info and nice reveals.
  13. Lol thats almost exactly my experience too! I was here years ago and was floored at how insanely active this place was. Back when i could only dream of having a nice bag. The whole idea of reveals/unboxing of purchases seemed nuts to me back then.
  14. I loved Peggle's reveals, too, so much fun!
  15. I joined in 2009 and I think it's also been less active, but I'm probably part of that ... I have time to look a bit most days but don't have much time to post or do reveals. And the outlets have definitely been less of a gold mine than they used to be. Maybe it will pick up again, but in the meantime I still enjoy coming here and seeing reveals of any of the lovely bags ... and this forum is still indispensable for getting intel on new bags coming out.