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  1. I've been enlightened to the fact that apparently "many of the "senior" forum members" are irritated with me and annoyed by my behavior. I'm not really going to go into details beyond stating that I'm a little offended, but I'm really sorry to have overstepped my bounds or pissed anybody off. As a result, I've decided it's probably best to retire this name and stop using tPF. I guess I assumed this was a place to ridiculously obsess and discuss bags without any predjudice or anything, and I guess maybe it's really not? I'm not sure.

    I didn't want to send individual messages to everyone that I'm friends with, and since I only talk in the Coach forum I figured it was the best place to post this. To those I've irritated and/or annoyed, be reassured that it was NOT AT ALL intentional and I'm pretty hurt and offended myself that people are angry about anything I've done and/or my behavior (I still don't understand it, but we're going to go with it). Good luck to all you ladies and enjoy your future purchases, and to those that I haven't annoyed with my questions or comments, thanks for listening.
  2. I'm so sad to see you go :sad::sad::sad:
    Thanks for all of your great advice, etc!!
  3. I'll be the first to say, I think that sucks. But there are little cliques everywhere and unfortunately, they're here too. You've simply had an opinion and stuck with it. I will say, I've enjoyed reading your posts and that I'll miss them. :flowers:
  4. Why are you leaving because of a few people? Just let whatever the situation is die down and come back in a few. Don't worry about people. At the end of the day, concerning you, it's your opinion that counts.
  5. So sorry that you have decided to leave and wish you would reconsider. Not sure what's going on but I'm here every day and have enjoyed reading ALL your posts and have not been offended one bit. Don't think you should leave because "some" members are having issues. Come on stick around :yes:
  6. I have never been offended by anything you have said either. I left eBay boards for here because this place seemed less cliqueish and very nice. Over there it is run by a handful of ladies, and I always seemed to be stepping on their toes.
    Hope you reconsider!!
  7. Don't leave! I don't understand at all why anyone would make you feel like you had to leave or why anyone would make you feel bad. :sad: That just totally sucks and I can't believe anyone on tPF would act like that. :crybaby: I've never been offended by anything you've said. I really hope you don't leave!
  8. Who are these "senior members" that are annoyed at you? Nobody died and left them in charge of who gets to post on tPF or what the content of posts should be. That is ultimately at Megs and Vlad's discretion. Tell these "senior members" to just ignore your posts/threads if they're that bothered by them. You have every right to be here & have provided lots of useful info for us.
  9. I've been pissed off by the attitudes of some of the "older" members. The snide remarks toward us newcomers and the "I know so much more than you idiot" attitude some have. Such huge chips on such weak shoulders. Some menbers have serious mental problems that are addressed here, much to my dismay. I just stear clear of their threads and comments.

    Hon, best of luck to you and DON'T EVER LET ANYONE, MUCH LESS INTERNET ANONIMOUS "PEOPLE" MAKE FEEL BAD ABOUT YOURSELF. I kinda expected something to happen after reading some of the comments posted on the thread you started.

    Be free and be happy!!!!
  10. I'm sorry, Coach Girls. I'm just really embarassed and hurt by this situation. I thought I was just being talkative and friendly and trying to help answer questions and be knowledgeable. I'm really, really sorry.
  11. Whaaa? Seriously?? Come on don't go. This can be solved in some other way!
  12. Wow. I know this is obvious, but, it's a public discussion board. Couldn't they find enough drama in their own lives, they had to create drama on public boards with people they don't really know.... I'm at a loss for words.
  13. Being talkative is a good thing! I remember when we first got the Coach subforum... there were a TON of lurkers and nobody would ever post! It's so nice to come vist now and see TONS of new threads and posts everyday.
  14. :confused1: I consider my self a senior member. I am not irritated by you. I think this may even be the first post I've ever read by you. Can you be more specific and address those members directly (via PM) so that there is no miscommunication?
  15. Hope you stay, I enjoy reading your posts.
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