Coach for Valentine's....

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  1. This really cheered me up..My 10 yr. daughter wants to get the Poppy Grafiti wristlet and my 2yr.old son and 3yr. old daughter are getting me the Poppy Grafiti Swingpack...I'am so excited...I have never had a swingpack..I think it will be Great for Zoo trips and shopping etc..Don't get me wrong, Zoe is still #1 but they are soooo sweet for wanting to do this for me..I told them No chocolate's this year, on a diet,lol...Thanks for letting me share some Happiness.:yahoo:

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  2. awwwww....too cute! :hugs:
  3. Awesome, congrats!!
  4. Your kids are so sweet! :yahoo: Post pics when you have it. I'm excited. :P
  5. Thanks, I love them...My 10 yr. old is so sweet, she love's Coach..I'm going to try and get her the Poppy Tartan wristlet in the red /black plaid like mine..She loves it and I just got my for $26.00 @ the outlet...I will post picks, I think the 2 little one's are going with Dad tomorrow to get the Poppy Swingpack because my FP store said they probably will be out by next weekend...:smile:
  6. aww very sweet kids and very sweet daddy
  7. Aw what sweet gifts. Enjoy them!
  8. Thank you..:smile:

  9. Dawn you are so cool with your kids..:smile:
  10. Awww, how sweet of your children!
    LOL to the "no chocolate" part haha
  11. Sweet kids! Can't wait to see!
  12. Thank you...I appreciate that nice compliment...;)I do my Best...
  13. Well, now that I'am getting my DF and I the Patent Glam tote's tom...I have taken the Poppy Grafitti Swingpack off my list and my DD wants to still get the Grafitti Wristlet, so that will go with my Black Glam...I 'am Truely Blessed with Great Children and I'm sure we all feel that way!!!!:love::hugs: