Coach for the Kitty?

  1. I was just curious if anyone has bought a pet collar or should I say dog collar since we know they are really meant for dogs, and used it on their cat.

    I'd love to get the mini signature in khaki/fuschia for my kitty, but I'm afraid of trying it. I've only ever bought her the break-away collars so I'm nervous of having a regular buckle collar on her.

    She is stylish in her own way right now. She has a collar for every season and Christmas!
  2. I've never bought one, but that khaki/fuschia is beautiful.
    I personally like the legacy collar, but my puppy is too small for their sizes.
  3. i would love to know as well, i have a fancy lil kitty myself who would LOVE some accessories!

    check muh precious kitty out!~
    Platinum ta ta hobo.JPG tata Dooney.JPG
  4. The collars I've seen are pretty thick. I don't think a cat would like a thick collar, but I'm used to having two-75 pound dogs. Therefore, I'm not really looking at the small dog collars! :lol:
  5. The legacy was my next choice because I think the 1/2 in width would be more like a cat collar than 3/4 in like the mini signature. She's a tiny kitty too.
  6. Are cats prone to getting caught on things? I assume a breakaway color means that if they get caught, it can come undone? If that's true/your cat goes to places where he/she could get caught, I'd worry about something that can't come undone easily.
  7. guinness' is heavy and its a small so i am guessing the smaller size would be a bit lighter but still maybe too heavy for your cat

  8. I think the breakaway collars are really meant for cats that go outside and might get caught on branches and such, but my kitty is my baby and I would never let her outside unless she is in my arms. She's never gotten her collar caught on things before, so I think she might be ok, but still, a mom worries about her kid!
  9. Maybe talk to your vet about it still? I'd be worried constantly! I know my dogs don't get caught in stuff, but my youngest lab got her collar caught in her kennel one night. Luckily I woke up or I don't know what could've happened. :sad:
  10. I have a princess of cat who has her own coach collar. Yes, they are thick and sort of heavy - even the small ones. So it would really depend on your cat's attitude towards that sort of thing. Mine is normally very picky about having a collar on, but she loves her Coach collar. I swear, it's like she knew! lol Now if you let your cat outdoors, I wouldn't have a collar that doesn't break away or stretch. It's too dangerous if they were to get caught on something while trying to run and hide from a dog or other animal. But indoors, I don't see why not. My cats have never had any issues getting caught on anything inside. They stick to soft pillows and sleeping much of the time anyway.
  11. I wish our cat would allow me to place a collar on him. He absolutely hates collars and Halloween costumes.
    I agree that the Legacy collar would be a good choice for our felines.
  12. I'm not sure about coach for kitties. they are kinda wide, and I am a big fan of the breakaways for cats, bc even in the house they can get stuck in small spaces.

    A really cute cat collar website is (not my site, don't worry, I just love her stuff!). She will monogram them too, and the price is great!
  13. that was the cutest collars ever!!! I will definately have to bookmark it for when Jacquie needs a new collar even thou the bf just bought her a coach one!!!
  14. I think the collars are heavy/thick. Grayson wears the xs but have you thought of a scarf the cat? You can cut them to size?
  15. my kitties have several of the ones:

    the one in the avatar wears either camoflage, green w shamrocks, or he has a pumpkin one for halloween

    I have another kitty, a black and tan tortie, who sports pink polka dots or right now she has pink and orange leopard with her name and phone number in neon green.

    the owner of that site is super sweet too (I think she's up in the midwest)! I highly recommend!