Coach for my dSLR + more reveal!!!

BF and I went to the Coach store yesterday and something caught my eyes but I had to go home and think about it first. Well, today we head back to the store, in addition to picking up something for my dSLR, I got myself something small and he got himself something too =D

I've always wished Coach would make something for dSLR users. I've seen the baby bags but they're HUGE and a dSLR just doesn't really fit into a Maggie or other handbags since it weighs it down or it's too bulky, but I have finally found something that keeps my Canon 7D snuggly!

yay for PCE!!!

so who's ready for the reveals?!

First off, this is the BF's new messenger bag for work, I have made him into such a Coachie now!

Next we got the small thing...

Snow Queen wristlet! I couldn't pass this up, especially since I had a $50 gift card from Coach that a really super awesome SA sent me. I couldn't use PCE on this but in the end it was still great because I paid less than $9 for it!

Here's the next and final thing...
I am a photography enthusiast! I guess Coach finally sort of answered my prayers of making something for dSLR.. even though it wasn't really their intention...

here's a teaser:

let me try to upload everything before dinner =D
and... here she is!

I was told she's a cosmetic bag for travel but it looks more similar to a lunch bag, best of all it fits my Canon 7D!!!

Matching with the wristlet:

Greyish Silver lining:

Style: 60761 silver/white, $128 but $96 after PCE discount

holding my Canon 7D baby:

I can probably also fit my flash in here too after I add some removable padding from my camera bag:

all zipped up:


I am totally excited and I can't wait to use this and bring this to my shoots. I just wish they also made it into like a crossbody bag but hey it's a start!