Coach For Christmas...What are YOU giving others?

  1. I didn't see a thread like this so I pray I'm not creating a duplicate!!


    What did you buy OTHER people from Coach for Christmas???

    My DD is getting:
    • Barrett sneaks in khaki (she changed her mind right when I was going to Macy's to buy the Bonneys.... thank gaw I hadn't left!)
    • Ocelot ponytail scarf
    • Penguin key fob
    My sis in law is getting:
    • M charm
    My boss is getting:
    • Luggage tag key fob
    My sister is getting:
    • B & Q charms
    What about all your friends and fam???
  2. my mil and sil are getting hamptons sig wristlets
  3. I give my SIL a signature hampton wallet and my niece a M charm and a mini skinny. Other people in my family are not crazy in coach as three of us :p
  4. Here's my Coach holiday shopping list, thus far:

    Mom: Babs flats in the gold color and Katelyn sneakers in black/white color combo
    Favorite cousins: Sigature wristlets
    Favorite aunt: Katelyn sneakers, color TBD
  5. Stepdaughter #1 (22 yrs old) - Silver Lurex Photo Frame Keychain
    Stepdaughter #2 (20 yrs old) - Snowflake Keychain & $50 Coach gift certificate (don't worry, her sister is also getting a $50 gift certificate, just not for Coach)
    DH - Wallet
    Niece (13 yrs old) - Hampton Signature Wristlet with Gold Leather Trim
  6. I got my mom a wallet. She has this old crappy wallet that I think should have been thrown out a long time ago. So, I hope she likes. It's a men's wallet (slim and fits in the pocket nice) since she doesn't carry a handbag. I got the signature brown. It sorta looks like the signature stripe and it also has an extra id carrier which would be good for the airport.

    My husband is going to a belt. It is the weave belt. He loves the style and it's much nicer than his older belts.
  7. My mom has been wanting the Indigo Patchwork Ergo, so I got her one.
  8. i got my friend the bleecker leather wristlet in wine and the creast cancer charm.

    and my i got my bf a black zip around portfolio

    I cant wait till they can open their presents!!!!! :yahoo:
  9. Hmmm...

    I got my SO a valet keychain

    my friend a star charm
    another friend is getting something coach related, though I'm not sure what yet!

    and my mom is getting a medium ergo in black leather with a signature card case and change purse!

    I am sooo excited to give things to people.

    PS- there are also a few coach boxes I put under the tree for ME! :smile:
  10. I know very few other people who are interested in bags or accessories, so I only bought a few things for other people. My sister wanted a suede green swingpack from the outlet and I bought her that, and a friend of mine is into pink and Coach so I bought her (from the outlet) a pink signature silky scarf, pink knit gloves and an apple keyfob.
  11. Sorry that I do not know the names. I buy my SILs and nieces stuff from the Coach outlet all the time!

    SIL 1 is getting a 'letter' keyfob and a wristlet
    SIL 2 is getting a wristlet and twilly
    Niece 1 is getting a suede messenger
    Niece 2 is getting a suede bag
  12. Mom: Leather Pouch with Tattersall Scarf
    Aunt: Soho green wristlet
    Co-Worker: Boot Key Ring
  13. I love buying Coach for other people!!

    I got my son's 2nd grade teacher the Apple keyfob from fall- bought it right when school started!

    Planning on either a mini skinny or keyfob for my boyfriends SIL.

    And I already bought myself the Bleecker Shopper :graucho:
  14. My mom is getting the Chelsea Optic hobo in Chocolate
    My SIL is getting a Gold Lurex Wristlet
    My brother's gf is getting a black lurex mini skinny
    My best friend is getting a studded gold wristlet with large C signature
  15. Typically I buy all my girlfriends Coach... but this year

    BF- Black Felicia with Tattersall wristlet and make-up bag (for birthday and Xmas)
    Other GF- iPod shuffle for running
    DH- laptop
    Sister- Marian boots in Pink, NipTuck Seasons 1 & 2
    Sister-in-laws: GC to Banana Republic
    Mom- haven't decided yet
    Remaining sisters and a cousin (all 16 and under) $50 but I need something cut to put it in. Last year it was small piggy banks. I thought about a wristlet or a mini skinny, but should I really give them Coach???
    Aunt- Keri sunglasses
    Uncle- who knows
    Mom- can't really decide, suggestions????