coach for $20?


Jan 17, 2009
austin, tx
hi! i tried selling my coach bags at a locale store and guess what they're willing to pay for? $20????? i totally rejected the offer and figured i can do a lot better on ebay. i was so pissed when the cashier said it could be fake after showing her my receipts and all. so tell me, would a coach bag be re-selling this low?


I love your bag!!!
Mar 25, 2006
Markham Texas
Was it a pawn shop or something? I have seen so many bags (real and fake) in pawn shops and they are priced pretty high but i am sure they just give a few bucks for them.


Aug 21, 2008
Eastern Iowa
Which types of COACH bags were they?? Leather? Signature? Newer or older styles?
I agree that most consignment shops are chuck full of fakes (finding authentic is like sinding a needle in a haystack.)

I don't know if our local "higher end" consignment shops buys up front or not. I'm sure if they do they give you bottom dollar. I do know that they take 60% of what the item sells for. It's pretty sad that a place like that dosen't hav someone who knows a little about designer bags. I do have this to say though. I'm sure your bags are auth and everything, but I could easily take a knock-off Carly into a re-sale shop with REAL tags & reciepts and if the person knew little to nothing of COACH they'd be none the wiser.

The last time I saw an authentic bag at Ritzi ReRuns (our local "high end" consignment shop) it was a brown mosaic Zoe top handle pouch in VERY GOOD condition and they wanted $60 for it. Not a bad deal, but figure up 40% of that and that's all the ORIGINAL OWNER would get!!! $24.00 is pretty darn sad, but close to what you were offered.

Ebay & Bonanzle are your best bets!!!


Jan 17, 2009
austin, tx
my bags were purchased last year, all in good condition. but that's ok with me.i'm in no rush and will put my items on ebay or craig's list
Mar 24, 2009
Atlanta, GA
$20 is crazy especially considering you had tags... i've sold some NWT clothing through an owner operated consignment shop and made plenty of money but i've also been to a different "chain" consignment shop with my niece was shocked at the complete ripoff it can be... i've had better luck donating stuff for the tax write off, selling it privately or trading it in a clothing swap with some of my fellow fluffy friends...

since i'm not yet brave enough to sell on ebay (and i secretly dread getting rid of any of the bags), i've considered doing a bag exchange with some of my coachie friends and family for some of my bags that have fallen out of the rotation


Aug 19, 2008
It wasn't with a purse, but I bought this guitar for $200 and It wasn't really for me, it was a cheap beginners guitar so I wanted to move on to a nice one after a few months. Anyways, I played it about 10 times, looked brand new. they were willing to give me $30 for it. I just laughed, took it off the counter and walked out.


Jul 31, 2008
What a joke! And not a very funny one considering how much you probably would have lost had you agreed to the offer :nogood:
Definitely try going the online auction route and best of luck!