Coach footwear

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  1. I don't know if this is the right place to pose the question but I'd love to see/hear about your collection!!
  2. I don't have any Coach SHOES just yet, although I'm thinking about getting a pair of Katelyns!

    I do have the black signature Marian boots that I just got last week from the bay...and I LOVE them! I can't believe how warm they are...and comfortable! Never did I think snow boots could be comfortable, but these are.

    It hasn't been snowy since I got them, but it has been super cold, so I've been wearing them anyway. We're supposed to get some snow tonight, so you can bet I'll be wearing those babies to work tomorrow!
  3. I have the Barrett's in Tattersall non-coated canvas, some black sandals (forget name) and white ones (also name lost on me). The white ones pinch my feet, sandals I love, and I don't wear the Barrett's that often as again, they tend to hit the back of my ankle in a bad way.
  4. I have the Coach Mareena wedge platforms, I LOVE them...



    Edit: Sorry too lazy to take real life pic but will upon request!
  5. I LOVE Coach shoes, maybe even a tiny bit more than the handbags. I have the Bonney sneakers in denim, white patent scarf print fip flops, black signature jelly thongs, Whiskey leather platform clogs, black signature platform clogs, khaki and parchment signature wedge sandals and black signature wedge sandals. I'm always on the lookout for more!!
  6. I have the black/grey Barretts. They are SOOO comfortable. I also bought/returned the Bonney sneakers in the khaki sig w/ 'hang tag' fabric fold-down. I think they are adorable, just wasn't sure what to wear them w/.
  7. I have a pair of the Francie heels in red, and I have yet to wear them. They are 4" heels and I love them, but I am a sahm to 4 kids, so I generally don't go places I can wear them. :sad: They are so pretty!
  8. I want a pair of the Katelyn sneakers. I love some of their flats too:heart:
  9. I love the shoes- especially when I get ones to go with my bags!
    I have a pair of lilac sig sandals, patchwork denim wedges, and patchwork suede flats. I love them all ;)
  10. I have the Barrett signature hang tag sneakers which I love and the Sari sandals in gold:
  11. i bought a pair at macy*s on sunday.... gray suede/black patent... that are adorable! i haven't decided yet if i'll keep them....
  12. oh now those are CUTE! i don't care for any of the brown signature shoes.... but those with the little tags are adorable!
  13. I TOTALLY forgot I had the bonney w/ the furry stuff too, I like them, more comfortable to me than the barretts sometimes.
  14. I have a pair of Karrah velcro gym shoes in black/silver sig, and a pair of Joss tie ups in khaki/berry. I'd really like a pair of the Meadow boots in black.
  15. My first pair: the Sara boots :love:

    Then the Lonie ballet flats in black and punch patent:

    Sara sandals in gold:

    Nolee flats in teal:

    Valari flats in gold:


    And my most recent pair, The Whitley boots in Black:

    As must be obvious, I love Coach shoes. I love every pair I own. The Sara boots are still my favourite.