Coach Floral Embroidered Maggie

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  1. Does anyone know when this bag will be released and how much it is going to cost??? Or when I can call JAX to order it?
  2. I pre-ordered on Jan. 25th. I was told it is expected in the Coach warehouse on Feb. 22. It is $498.00. I had to call Jax twice before I could find a sales assoc. who would take my order.
  3. was that for the regular size or the xl?
  4. Oh I just realized you were talking about the Maggie. I ordered the embroidered Audrey. Sorry.
  5. I called JAX last week and was told $428 for the smaller size (15026) and $798 for the XL (15052)---quite a difference! The rep had two color codes but didn't know what they stood for; she took my phone number and said she'd get back to me, but I still haven't heard. I've seen photos of the peachy color; I'm longing to know what the other color is!
  6. yeah i want the peachy color.. i wonder how big the smaller size is compared to the larger size... i cannot wait until march to get it
  7. it should be coming out about the last week of february or maybe two weeks before march. it's going to be part of the march floorset so it should be out about then
  8. I called last week too and was told the same information about item numbers, prices, and colors. The rep said that the Maggie would probably be available late February. Of course, I later realized that I should have asked her if it could be ordered any earlier. I'm guessing that the other color might be eggshell, but I am eager to hear what anybody else finds out! :smile:
  9. awesome.. CANT WAIT!
    i sent a bag for repair last night so im waiting to see if they send me back a coupon or a certificate amount, otherwise id be calling tomorrow to try to order!!!
  10. I just talked to JAX and was told that one of the colors is eggshell. I assume the other color will be the peach in photos in the spring 2010 thread. I was told it would be available to order at the end of February (just in time for the next PCE!).:yahoo:
  11. One color is antique rose (peachy) and the other is eggshell (ivory)..I have the peachy one..its amazing!!!
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