Coach Flats

  1. So I am not huge on Coach purses (I do have one small one) but since November I have fallen in love with their shoes. I have bought 2 pairs of flats and they are so comfortable--not to mention I get compliments on them every time I wear them (one pair I wear almost everyday).

    I want to get another pair (there is a springy pair at our DSW) and I think my husband will think I'm crazy if I bring home another pair, but I just love them! Choices, choices!

    Does anyone else just love their shoes?
  2. yeah i have a pair of legacy stripe flats and i loooove them! so cute but still wicked comfortable :smile:
  3. Yes, I LOVE their flats and Katelyn sneakers!! I have 5 pairs of flats and 2 pairs on Katelyn sneakers. So cute and comfortable :yes:
  4. I love my bliss flats!!! They are on sale now for 119 so find them if you can! Everyone compliments me on them!
  5. I love their shoes!!! So comfy!!!
  6. I LOVE THESE TOO! But dont they get absolutely dirty? Because its SATIN afterall.. how do u clean them?

  7. I haven;t worn them yet... I plan on wearing them only when it's dry outside and not muddy or anything so they won't get dirty too quick, cause i have no idea how to clean them.

    Hopefully I'm going to wear them today. Its my birthday so we're going in to Boston for dinner and some shopping at LV but thats mostly indoors so they should be safe ;)

    if you find out anything about cleaning them, let me know! I'll do the same...
  8. You can use the Coach fabric cleaner on them. I was able to get what appeared to be an ink stain out of the legacy stripe wallet with it so I would think it would work on spots you might get from wearing them. I agree though, don't wear them when it is wet!
  9. What I do with the flats I want to wear when it's wet out, for example if I'm going to wear them at work, I wear boots outside, and put the flats in my bag and just change when I get to my desk. That way I can wear them even if it's rainy or snowy but they don't get dirty.
  10. I absolutely LOVE their shoes! I have the Mackenzie snowboots from 2-3 years ago, the Jilly flats in black signature, a pair of brown/green tweedy ones from 2 years ago (can't remember the name) & have owned several pairs of their sneaks. They have the best styles & are SO comfy!
  11. Well, I went back today and purchased. I just couldn't stay away. Hubby just shook his head at me.
  12. I love them, but I have ruined every pair I have bought. Look at my velvet Noel flats I bought in November. The C's are even gone off of them. I'm just really hard on shoes I love to wear.

  13. Yes, Coach shoes are quite stylish and comfy. I went a little overboard within the past 1 - 2 months and ended up purchasing 10 pair of Coach shoes: Katelyn sneakers (4 colors), Issy wedges, and quite a few flats (Bliss, Legacy Stripe, Babs, Cindie, Velvet Ergo). The shoes were all on sale and I ended up purchasing them at about 50% - 66% off the regular/retail price at Coach, Macy's, and Nordstrom's. I also picked up a pair of the Katelyn sneakers and Babs flats for mom as part of her B-day and Christmas gifts.
  14. Wow you are a great shopper!!! Sounds like you got great deals! Congrats
  15. Coach shoes are awesome!! No flats (yet) but I have 2 pair of sneakers that are soooooo comfortable.....somehow even the heels and wedges end up being super comfy.