Coach Flats - BIG SALE!

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  1. If you have a Boston Store near you (they're a division of Carson Pirie Scott), check out the sale room in the shoe department. At my store today they had Jilly flats at $99.99 with 80% off of that, so they were $20. They had black siggie, khaki siggy and pink. They also had Ladie flats in patchwork at 80% off of $119.99.

    GREAT deals, and I bought a pair of each, just because it seemed that they were almost paying me to take them out of the store! :lol:
  2. WOW! what an amazing deal. I've neverd heard of a Boston Store. Lucky you for finding such great deals.
  3. which Boston Store.
  4. I went to the Boston Store on the West Side of Madison in West Towne. East Towne doesn't carry Coach, but it is likely Mayfair would have the same sale (although their product would likely move faster due to more traffic).
  5. Thanks. I think Brookfield would be a better stop. I never find good shoes at Mayfair, But I always find a TON at Brookfield. I guess I better go check it out. Thanks for the answer and I love how you knew the Mall in my area.
  6. Ooohh I should go check that out....
  7. WHAT??? ARE YOU KIDDING?? 20.00 for Jilly's? I don't have that store or even know what it is but I want a pair of magenta Jilly's so bad! LUCKY!:nuts:
  8. omg I so wish I lived near boston... I'd make a weekend trip there if they wouldn't be gone by the weekend! haha
  9. Wow, I so wish I lived near there. $20 Jilly flats is AMAZING I want a pair so badly!
  10. Oh wow! $20 for Coach shoes. That's amazing.
  11. OMG!

    Boston stores is prt of Bonton which is where I work! So i could get an additional 25% off!!!!!

    Can someone PM the number to the stores that have these shoes on sale!!!!
  12. I believe if you call this number 1-800-233-7626.

    It's the shopping service...for Bonton which owns all of the stores- (Boston, Carson, etc) and tell them what you need- Coach Jilly flats- size etc...

    And they can look at which stores have them and have them shipped to you if they are able to find them...

    I sooo wish we sold Coach!!!!

    So yeah i can't wait for tomarrow AM so I can call.
  13. The store where they had so many on Saturday was West Towne mall in Madison, WI. 608-833-9799.

    While I have not been to Macy's lately, Macy's often has sales that are as good as or better than Boston Store, at least in the malls around here. If I had a Macy's nearby that carried Coach, I would check them, too!
  14. OMG!! I would get one in each colour too! That price is rediculously amazing! Too bad I dont even live in the States!!!:tdown:
  15. do you still get the sale price? please let me know. :smile: