Coach Flap and Ali - Difference

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  1. What is the difference between the coach flap (10327 specifically) and the Ali? I don't see any difference in the pictures. Please help - I'm new! TIA!
  2. welcome, HB! i personally don't know, but i'm sure someone can help you out! :smile:
  3. The 10327 is the Slim Flap Ali, the 10329 is the regular size Ali. The only difference is the size - the 10329 is wider than the 10327. I have both. Let me find pics...BRB

    Edit to add links - these are NOT my auctions!


  4. Thanks for the reply. Now this purse is obviously not an Ali, but I get confused with the "flap" in the name of both this one and the smaller Ali. What is the "name" of this purse?
  5. This bag is different than the other two you listed but is still in the legacy collection. It is bigger than the Ali and the smaller Ali (I think this is actually called a Slim Flap).

    I had a slim flap for awhile but sold it because I hated how it always flopped over when I set it down!
  6. I think that bag is called the Legacy Flap bag, the Slim Flap is the 10327. But, I'm still learning the Legacy pieces, I own quite a few, but not that one. :biggrin: