Coach Fish Keychain

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  1. I MUST HAVE IT. Where are you guys finding this??? Is it in the outlets? It looks like a beta, even though people are calling it a goldfish, and it's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. I have to have it. I'm a freak for fish. Help!
  2. I think someone said they're at the outlets right now. Are you talking about the pretty gold colored one?
  3. Yeah, the pretty gold colored one.

    That makes me so sad :cry: I live near no outlets... :crybaby:
  4. I don't either. :sad: My closest one is 3 hours away. I'm going back to San Diego at the end of this month though, and will be going to visit my old outlet. If they still have the fish, I'll pick one up for you. (If someone hasn't already by then!) I'm hoping they'll still have the scrivvle flower ponytail scarves. I want one So much.
  5. My grandmother said she'd go with me to the outlets sometime this month and if I see one I'll pick it up for you.
  6. Outlets on the racks at the register (not in the initial charm bin).
  7. I looooovve that keychain!! I'm brainstorming to think of a friend that may live near an outlet!!
  8. I haven't seen it in my outlet yet and didn't know it was coming. BUT, I just got mine off ebay and am eagerly anticipating it's arrival!!
  9. Hi. On your best offer, you have to remember that the seller has to pay fees for the listing and for paypal. I forget how much the keychain was but it is more intricate than the charms. It has the pieced leather on it. My guess is the keychain was about $24.99 (guess only - call the outlet and ask). Add the fees, shipping, etc and tax. Something in the $35 range plus shipping is about right. ($25+2.10+3+1.6+5+5). That would be cost plus tax plus ebay fee plus PP fee plus shipping plus profit.
  10. Yeah, i just got one off ebay for $35 plus $5 for shipping. It was a little much, but I just had to get it!
  11. If I go anytime soon and see one I'll get it for ya!!
  12. ^^You rock. I'm desperate for it. SO pretty! :love:
  13. I found a friend who said she'll go pick one up for me! Will the outlet hold something if you call them? How much is the keychain? I can't remember the original thread this was discussed in! Thanks!
  14. razorbackbelle0...they have them at Jefferson outlet in Columbus, OH! Do they ship (?) Here is the phone number is you want to call: (740) 948-2345...I'm going to try and get up there tomorrow...