Coach Fish Bubble Resort...Outlet?

Has anyone been to the coach outlet lately? I hear that the coach fish bubble resort collection is there. What pieces are out? Is is the khaki signature pieces or white with blue bubbles? One more question, if it is out has anyone purchased the stuff...what's the outlet price range? THANKS!
My boyfriends sister just bought a bubble wristlet for $35 at Bloomingdale's- they were all half off there. You should check the dept stores.
On Thursday I went to the Coach outlet in Waikele, Hawaii. I saw a tote, a white round shaped bag about 10" wide, and a wristlet, all in white. I didn't see anything in khaki. I could be way off, but I THINK the round shaped bag was maybe $125? I do recall it was on a second markdown.
I've seen some random things at the outlet from the fish bubble line--wristlet, aqua blue and green suede hobos that came out at the same time, and a tote or two...

The department stores have them marked down too--at least my local Nordstrom does. If there's a specific piece that you're looking for, your best bet is a department store. Coach outlets would have more "random" pieces.