coach fish bags

  1. I'm looking for an coach wristlet with a fish on it. Does anybody know if there are any real ones on ebaY?
  2. I don't know much about Coach but I did see the fish wristlets in Macys this week on sale.
  3. thanks.... but there is one problem i live in europe :sad:
  4. Which Fish are you talking about? The bubbles one or the new orange one? I think there is a member on here who might have the bubbles one.
  5. These?
  6. yess those are the ones i'm talking about
  7. i noticed that the coral is diffrent .... i don't get it
  8. Send a PM to iliabags and ask if she has any. I know she had a bunch of fish stuff she bought from the store that she is selling.
  9. THANKS Kiari!!

    I don't know what you mean by the coral is different Sabine? how?
  10. Yep she does have some :lol:

    I think she means on the second one in the picture of three, the coral is facing the opposite direction?
  11. haha well the red coral on every wristlet on ebay is diffrent from the ones in the pictures above
  12. That means they are FAKE. The picture posted here came straight from Coach's website.

    Or maybe they varied them all? I don't know I never looked real closely at that line. But I can vouch for iliabags, you will DEFINATELY get an authentic one from her. Check out her feedback on ebay!
  13. Coming to the States anytime soon? :P
  14. yeah iliabags are different from the pictures to but all are diffrent. Maybe coach changed them. Maybe i will go in october or so but i can't possibly wait that long haha
  15. I know that they had them at the outlet in Hawaii a couple of weeks ago :smile: I live in Sydney, Australia though - so I'm no help!