Coach finally made my dream bag but...

  1. it's 1,100!!!!!!!
    The Juliette Metallic Hobo on page 26 of the new catalog..

    MAJOR BUMMER!! I have been wanting a super cute bag like this forever!:tdown:
  2. Can anyone post a pic? I don't have the new catalog yet!!! :sad:
  3. Here is a pic from another thread on here...
  4. That was my favorite the first time somebody posted the new catalog pics on here. But I won't pay that much for that bag. Not even if I had a PCE to use on it.
  5. I looove that bag!!!
  6. here's another one i just took
  7. how do you do the picture as a thumbnail like that?
  8. That bag is hot!!!!! :drool: I totally agree though, overpriced!!! :tdown:
  9. That is outstanding! I have the metallic woven clutch (posted somewhere) and it's sweet. I'm kind of miffed I didn't get a new catalog yet!:cursing:
  10. I love this bag as well but agree about the price. I'm not paying that much for a bag. And entheos, I haven't gotten a catalog yet either. Grrr!
  11. awww thats an AMAZING bag!!! but I wouldn't pay that price.. why is it so expensive?
  12. I don't know... also on the opposite page there is a metallic carly (all leather) and it is 598.00.

    I got the new catalog in the mail yesterday. I requested one last week.
  13. I add them as an attachment
  14. does anyone know why this tote is soooo expensive?
  15. I wouldn't pay that anyways but definitely not for the metallic leather which I have heard does not wear well...