Coach featured on The Millionaire Inside Cnbc

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  1. Ok...Watched the show tonight and fell in love with this bag...:heart::heart::heart:

    Any experts know the name of this Coach??? I love it!


  2. From here it looks like it COULD be the Sig Stripe bag, REVERSED. Right?? The gold shining in the pic looks like the Creed.
  3. this is awful, but it looks like it could be FAKE

    the c's are too small on the signature, but it does look like a sig stripe reversed...hmmmmm
  4. Court...that is what brought me to post this's really got me stumped too!:confused1:
  5. the pic is kind of hard to see, but it def looks like a reversible sig stripe large tote, but the size is off (its too wide) and the c's are too small....I think it's a big fat fake-o!
  6. My question is...

    why the eff is she sitting on that guy's lap?
  7. And to be caught with a fake Coach on TV and then say how much you "love the brand..."

  8. Agreed......
  9. OMGosh! How utterly humiliating!! Gramps should keep his hands to himself!!
  10. looks fake to me
  11. looks totally fake-o to me....the C's are the wrong size and it just doesn't look sturdy, it's really slouchy. haha how embarrassing!! if only she knew we were going to pick her bag apart.
  12. oh and she was so talking it up! like she's some dang Coach afficianado! hahahahahahahah

    and was her hand on the guys inner thigh?
  13. yeah definitely hitting on the old host guy and thinking she's all that! a fake coach and she get's to sit on the host's lap! :nogood:

  14. I agree on the size being off